How to Get Your Music Album on Spotify?

On Spotify, music is delivered through a record label or distributor. Musicians signed with a label don’t have to worry about getting their track on Spotify because the label takes care of it. However, DIY musicians will have to arrange the distribution of their album on their own.

MusicDigi is a music distributor company that works with Spotify. It is a good opportunity to sell your music at a small fee. You get to keep all the royalties earned when your music gets streamed or sold on Spotify.

When you get verified as Spotify artist, your profile gets highlighted with a blue checkmark. As you are using MusicDigi, a Spotify’s preferred distributor, you get direct access to the Spotify for Artists community.

Data and analytics

Accessibility to Spotify for Artists allows musicians to monitor their tracks. You get to know, which songs get more hits, how worldwide fans listen to your melodies, and where your fans are. The stats can help to improve your next promotional campaigns or choose new singles or a tour route. For new releases, you can watch real-time stats movements.

Artist profile

Your content and music reside on Spotify’s artist profile. Your fans get to find out more about your activities, new releases, playlists, where you are touring and even purchase your latest merchandise [band T-shirts]. You are in control of updating your profile.

  • Profile image has to reflect your exclusive personality, so make sure to upload new images regularly.
  • Fans see your profile photo, so ensure to keep it updated. Your latest look will tell fans about what kind of music you are currently into.

Artist bio

Artist bio means YOUR story. You can write 1500 characters and save them. It can be updated anytime. It can include anything ranging from an inspiration behind the lyrics or the latest album. Link your bio with links to any songs, artists, playlists, or albums on Spotify. You can even add your Wikipedia Page link for fans to dig deep.

Artists Pick

Pick something you adore……any podcast, album, playlist, or track and add cool background images along with a short message revealing the reason for your admiration. This artist’s pick resides on top of your Spotify for Artists profile for 14 days. However, you can change it before two weeks if you choose a tour or have something interesting to tell fans.

Share playlists

Playlist feature on artists profile offers your fans a chance to see the songs you inspire and music you love. Get your music on spotify and easily connect with global fans.

Download the Spotify for Artists app

The app can be downloaded on the Play Store and Apple store. It is designed to help artists manage, prepare, and track their new releases. You can –

  • Update your bio, promote music, share playlists, and control your fan’s view.
  • Track who tunes in and receive live updates about your new releases in the studio or on the go, at any time.
  • Get familiar with who is listening to get an idea of where to book the next show or new gigs.

Spotify helps to spread your music across the world!