Tips for Planning a Bowling Birthday Party

Whether it’s yours, your spouse’s, or your child’s, birthday’s should be celebrated. What better to ring in a new year than with a party? Ditch the traditional birthday party venues in Smyrna, TN, for something better. A bowling birthday party is a hit for guests of all ages. From booking the alley to planning a theme, here are a few things to remember when putting together your bowling birthday soiree.

Plan a Date and Time

Before you start putting together a guest list or creating a menu, coordinate a few details. Determine the date and time that you’d like to have your party. Then, call the bowling alley. You may have the option of booking a private party room, depending on the date that you’ve selected. Follow the necessary instructions set forth by the bowling alley before continuing on with the planning process.

Send Out Invitations

When creating the invitations for your guests, be sure to include any of the necessary information. Along with the date, time, and location, include any pertinent transportation information. For example, will you be giving kids rides to the event and bringing them home afterwards or would you prefer to have parents drop them off? Should guests dress up for the party? Is an RSVP necessary? This information should all be included on the invites. Birthday party invitations should be sent out seven to ten days before the event, giving people enough time to plan.

Mix Things Up

Bowling may be the main event of the party, but that doesn’t mean that you have to stick to the rules. Come up with some creative ways to change the rules. For example, have a bowl-off. Each guest has to create a different style of bowling without duplicating anyone else’s routine. Your guests will giggle as they watch each person show off their style as they approach the lane. You can also roll dice to determine specific rules or guidelines for each frame. The options are endless!

Select a Theme

A theme is a great way to bring some personality to your party! Choose a movie, favorite decade, or other theme to plan your event around. Your invites, dress code, menu, and games can all tie into this theme. For example, a Harry Potter bowling birthday party may require it’s guests to come dressed in their favorite house colors and compete against each other. Potions can be served as drinks. A redneck bowling party is a great option for adults looking to dress up in their favorite cut offs, drink beer, wear hats, and get as silly as possible. No matter what theme you choose, carry it throughout your planning process.

The best birthday party venues in Smyrna, TN, are bowling alleys. No matter how you choose to celebrate, it’s sure to be a party that your guests won’t forget.