Can You Use CBD To Soothe Your Toothache?

You may have never asked your dentist whether to use CBD Oil for your toothache. CBD and THC both are anti-inflammatory, and also have bone-stimulating properties that may help certain severe conditions like arthritis.

So, your CBD tincture can surely soothe your dental pain as well as swelling.

Now we shall try to look at various reasons for your tooth pain, and whether CBD can really help you to get rid of it.

Following are few reasons that may cause tooth pain:

  • Certain infection in your teeth
  • Bacteria build up on your teeth and gums
  • Not brushing regularly
  • Poor hygiene that causes bacteria build up.

Whatever may be the reasons of your toothache, you must always visit a dentist particularly if the pain is very severe or long-lasting. Besides that, you must also make regular visit to dentist for check-up/cleaning after every 6 to 12 months.

Enough researches have not yet been conducted about CBD by the dentist community and hence the effect of CBD is often found to be inconsistent.

One of the dental issues by using CBD or THC is known as cottonmouth. This means, the patient may experience dry mouth which is typically felt after consuming cannabis. The patient may feel thirsty.

You must remember, while recovering from any kind of dental surgery, your saliva is very important. Saliva contains antibacterial compounds which can keep bacterial growth under control. It also contains protein and enzymes which is essential for gum and tooth health.

Therefore, while using CBD, you need to be very careful about dry mouth and need to consume lots of water so that saliva production can be stimulated. This way, you can also prevent dry mouth condition that is caused by CBD.

Also, you must avoid smoking any cannabis product after your tooth extraction, as it can also cause dry socket condition.

When one of your permanent teeth is extracted then there will be blood clot formed around that place. This blood clot is very important for your healing, as it will protect your bone and the ending of nerve.

By smoking, your sucking motion will cause pressure on the gums. This can damage your blood clot and as a result dry hole will be formed. Your nerve endings and the bone will get infected if blood clot gets removed or dissolved.

In such condition, there will be severe pain in your oral cavity and also in your face which needs immediate attention from your dentist.

So, after removing your tooth, you must avoid smoking at least for 2 to 7 days. In case, you cannot bear without smoking then try to wait at least for 2 days. However, if you can manage to wait for 7 days then your wound will be completely healed.

In order to fix your problem by using THC or CBD it will be better you use edibles while your wound is healing.

It is really worth waiting for your healing process as dry socket problem can be much worse than you can imagine.