How to Become an Audio Technician?

An audio technician is an integral part of the broadcasting, recording and live music performances. They are the ones who take care of the nuts and bolts of the process. They go around connecting microphones, speakers, amplifiers and related cables and auxiliary, before the performance. They make sure there are no glitches in any audio signal chains. They oversee rehearsal sessions.

The U.S Bureau of Labour Statistics requires a technical program background for an audio technician from a licensed sound technician school. It also demands a short-term on-the-job training. As on 2018, the median pay is $43,660 per year. The job growth is 8%, which is as fast as average. Audio technicians are mid or entry level jobs.

Getting trained

Audio technology, recording and audio engineering, audio and visual technician are some of the technical training programs that you can undergo, for being ready for a career as an audio technician. You can also specialise in niche areas of aural perception, multi-track recording and music technology. These programs and certificates are available in any licensed vocational, trade, technical schools and community colleges.

Get certified 

Licensure and certificates are not compulsory. But, if you could have them, it will give you leverage among others in the industry. Many trade organisations like Electronics Technicians Association and the Society of Broadcast Engineers provide you with certificates, after you clear their examinations. This will develop your confidence at your job.

Get work experience

 Work experience and technical expertise that you gather over this, is what will keep you in demand in this profession. Opt for internship programs to get an initial exposure in the field. You have a wide range of opportunities to choose for your professional life. It can be in the motion pictures, video companies, sound recording service companies, television and radio stations. You can even work in colleges and universities 

 Become part of a trade organisation  

There are many trade organisations that can help your growth as an audio technician. Take memberships in a few reputed ones. This will provide you with many professional networking contacts. Also, there will be conferences and workshops to refine your skills and to learn new skills required for job growth. The Audio Engineering Society is one of reputed organisation, which you should be part of.

Keep updating skills

Technology is the heartbeat of the field of sound engineering. A thorough knowledge of industry protocols and cutting technologies are vital for you in the field. You have to update your knowledge-base through continuing education and work experience. These days, software have become an integral part. A working knowledge in manipulating software, to get crisp and clear audio files is highly preferred.


 There has been a trend of confusing, a sound engineer with an audio technician. The difference is very vague. Every sound engineer starts his career as an audio technician, since experience is paramount. You can grow your career to become a sound engineer, with your inherent creativity and organisational skills.