‘Zootopia’ is Disney’s latest box-office triumph

Deadpool‘s run at the top of the box-office charts comes to an end in its fourth week. Finally. By a movie worthy of staking claim to the top seat. Disney’s Zootopia. The latest animated movie from Walt Disney Animation Studios has been earning ravishing applause, and now it stands as a great commercial success too alongside its critical victory. Zootopia earned $73.7 million over the weekend in North America alone which is Disney’s best opening ever for a non-franchise animated movie (non-Pixar category). Yes, the opening is even bigger than that of Frozen ($67.4 million)! The movie’s overseas opening has been amazing too with the good word-of-mouth spreading across the globe. Overall, Zootopia has earned $232.5 million worldwide in its opening weekend. I am not able to locate any production budget figures for the movie yet, but going by history, it should be around the $150 million mark. With the way things have opened, Zootopia should be crossing the $657 worldwide tally of Disney’s last animated film Big Hero 6; at least I think it deserves to! This is definitely a big hit for Disney, and that too outside the typical summer period. The resurgence of Disney continues to remain strong!


The Gerard Butler action movie London Has Fallen took the second spot with a $21.7 million opening in North America. This is lower than the opening of the previous movie Olympus Has Fallen ($30.3 million), but still better than last week’s Gods of Egypt ($14.1 million) which too starred Gerard Butler. The studio has not given any overseas earnings so far, and that is the figure which is going to be important for the franchise now. Based on the domestic opening, it may at best make around $60 million in North America, which could leave it more than $100 million short of even break-even (production budget is at $60 million). The gap would have to be recovered overseas, and even though there is wide market for senseless Hollywood action movies, its predecessor had earned only $62 million from foreign lands in 2013. Have things changed much in these three years? We’ll have to track the foreign earnings of London Has Fallen to really know.

London Has Fallen_Gerard Butler

The Tina Fey movie Whiskey Tango Foxtrot got a bit lost in the crowd, earning only $7.6 million in North America. Even though the production budget isn’t much at $35 million, the studio is still staring at sizeable losses if the overseas market does not deliver. A war movie based in Afghanistan and Pakistan may not necessarily grab much attention in foreign lands, especially if it isn’t creating any tremendous buzz out of America. Deadpool on the other hand is creating buzz almost everywhere, and has earned $300 million+ each in North America and overseas to bring its worldwide tally to $673 million till now. Last week’s disaster Gods of Egypt is sinking in the USA but better earnings in foreign countries will help in cutting down the losses; $72 million earned worldwide so far for this $140 million budget fiasco (only production budget). Post its Best Film Oscar, Spotlight has added more theatres in North America and earned $1.8 million over the weekend. More importantly, it is also getting attention in worldwide markets and has earned now $72 million globally against its production budget of $20 million. It’s always good to see a movie as fantastic as Spotlight provide commercial returns too!

Here are the top 5 weekend earners at the US box-office:

1. Zootopia ($73.7 million)

2. London Has Fallen ($21.7 million)

3. Deadpool ($16.4 million; fourth weekend)

4. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot ($7.6 million)

5. Gods of Egypt ($5.0 million; second weekend)



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