World of the Huntsman gets bigger and better

The big-budget and lavish retelling of the Grimms’ fairytale in the form of the movie, Snow White and and the Huntsman, had released in the theatres in 2012. This Rupert Sanders directed film grossed a little less than $400 million worldwide at the box-office, which was a decent enough figure for a film with a $170 million production budget. Universal Pictures had announced a sequel to the movie quite early on. But the subsequent Rupert Sanders – Kristen Stewart affair that hit the tabloids made things a bit difficult for the studio to proceed with the sequel immediately. Quite a bit of time has passed since then, and the fairy tale is back on track for another movie adaptation. No Rupert Sanders this time, and quite likely that there will be no Kristen Stewart too. So what will we do without a Snow White? We talk about the Huntsman.

The new movie titled The Huntsman is a prequel / spin-off of the 2012 movie. It will be directed by Cedric Nicolas-Troyan, who would be making his debut as a director with this film; he had however worked on the visual effects for Snow White and the Huntsman before for which he had shared an Oscar nomination with three others. Well, good luck to him. But the people we are really excited about are the ones who would be in front of the camera. There is a bit from the old cast, and a few new faces, who are terrific actors and would really raise the bar of this movie. Or so we hope.

The Huntsman actors_Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth is returning as Eric the Huntsman whom we had seen in Snow White and the Huntsman. Back then, he had been sent by the Evil Queen to hunt for Snow White in the Dark Forest, in exchange for the return of his dead wife. But the Huntsman learns of the false promise, changes sides, and eventually gets drawn towards Snow White and fights beside her in the final battle. Hemsworth had done a really nice job of playing the drunk and depressed Huntsman, who slowly starts to find a stronger will to live and fight for a cause as the movie progressed. In the prequel The Huntsman, we will get to see more of him as the central character as the story will reveal how his fate intersected with that of the Evil Queen before they met Snow White.

The Huntsman actors_Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron is a charmer, even when she is supposed to be someone evil. In Snow White and the Huntsman, she was terrific as Queen Ravenna, the sorcerer, or call her the Evil Queen. Vicious, manipulative, ambitious, and deeply in love with herself, Charlize Theron’s character was vibrant and captivating. She was one of the bright spots of the 2012 movie, and so her return for the prequel is brilliant news indeed. We might learn a bit more about her character which could expand on the fragments of information that were given in the previous movie, where Ravenna talked about living ‘many lives’ and having had a tough time growing up. Her hatred and anger towards the world has built over many years, and so we could possibly have a Maleficent like story here.

The Huntsman actors_Jessica Chastain

Talent does not get any bigger than Jessica Chastain. And what a massive addition she is to the movie! Fresh from her performances in Interstellar and A Violent Year, Chastain already has a lot of work lined up, which begins with Guillermo del Toro’s Crimson Peak where the shooting has already been wrapped up, to Ridley Scott’s The Martian which is currently filming, to a couple of movies already announced for 2016. The Huntsman is the latest addition for which filming should be wrapped up sometime this year, as it has an April 2016 release date planned. Jessica Chastain is said to play Chris Hemsworth’s love interest in the movie, though not much details are known. It is quite likely that she might be his wife for whom he grieved in the first movie, though we will have to wait for further statements from the studio to confirm on this.

The Huntsman actors_Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt’s inclusion in the star cast makes the movie highly skewed in favour of female stardom. And I ain’t complaining! Another bundle of talent, Emily Blunt made a strong impression in Edge of Tomorrow last year; in The Huntsman, she will play the new villain, that is all we know as of now. This could take the pressure off Charlize Theron’s back to bring the doom and gloom in the movie, and we might even see her in a positive shade before she turned so vicious as to seek Snow White’s heart. Or could we be looking at a witch-witch bonding, if Emily Blunt is also one? Eh, we know not; all we can do is speculate.

With such an awesome cast roped in, The Huntsman is looking like a delight. It has an April 2016 release date planned, and so we can choose to divert our attention to some other stuff for now. But do keep an eye out for the developments on The Huntsman. The fairy tales are getting bigger and better after all!


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