Will Scarlet Witch of Avengers be an Olsen sister?

The Avengers: Age of Ultron hardly ever steps away from making the news. And after the San Diego Comic-Con, things have only been heating up. While start of production would be still quite sometime away, early 2014 in all likelihood, this is the time when Joss Whedon would be focused on getting his cast right. We all know who would play the original gang, no changes there. So it is the casting of the newcomers that is making the headlines now. Quick Silver and Scarlet Witch. Two mutants, the former with amazing speed, the latter with the capability to manipulate probability itself. The children of Magneto! Well, that angle would not be there in the Whedon film, as the X-Men movie rights are with 20th Century Fox (and so no Magneto in an Avengers movie), but presence of this young blood with other established heroes will add something more to this sequel. Aaron Taylor-Johnson (the lead of Kick-Ass) has been linked with the role of Quick Silver for quite a while, something he has also talked about fondly, but there is no official announcement yet. If nothing goes awry, it is very likely that Taylor-Johnson would be donning the clothes of another hero from the comics soon enough. But the enigma on who will play his powerful sister continues. The one who can manipulate probability through hexes, who can light flammable objects, deflect items, stop projectiles, create force fields, deflect magical attacks, and what not. Scarlet Witch is someone who radiates raw power, at least in her earlier years in the comics, one who is coming to terms with the full strength of her abilities. And is understanding on how to channel it correctly. Who in Hollywood will do justice to this character?

Scarlet Witch_Pic

Step away from the world of comics and movies for a bit, and back into our own world. Move years back to meet a young girl who was then known for being the sister of two famous child actors. Or did you even know about her back then? While the twins, Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen grew in front of everyone’s eyes playing little Michelle in the famous sitcom Full House, many would not have known that another budding talent was growing with them, yet to fully display her acting prowess. Elizabeth Olsen, the younger sister of the Olsen twins, also started early, with her first acting role at the age of four. She then had limited appearances in the movies of the Olsen twins like the straight-to-video series The Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley. But she was still the unknown entity, and much like Scarlet Witch, coming to realise her potential. And then it all changed. Elisabeth Olsen got instantly recognised in her first major film role, not as the younger sister but as a young actress with talent, in 2011’s Martha Marcy May Marlene for which she was nominated and won numerous awards. She’s come in quite a few small budget flicks since then, but her progress to commercial cinema seems set to begin now. Starring opposite Josh Brolin seems a good way to start and she will be seen next in Spike Lee’s Oldboy, a remake of the famous South Korean film, releasing later this year. Olsen will then be part of a ‘gigantic’ film, 2014’s Godzilla which may not be one where the acting strengths are truly tested, but would certainly make her more known to the masses. And if that doesn’t really do the trick… how about starring as the Scarlet Witch in a certain film called The Avengers: Age of Ultron?

Scarlet Witch_Elisabeth Olsen

Bleeding Cool reports that Joss Whedon is now eyeing Elisabeth Olsen for the role after his first choice Saoirse Ronan (Atonement, The Lovely Bones) decided to not take up the offer (how do you decline Whedon?). While Olsen is about five years older than previous choice Ronan, she is still only 24 years old and pretty much in the age group to play Scarlet Witch. She is charming and charismatic, and even with limited acting displays in the film world so far, she has already caught many people’s attention and was nominated for BAFTA’s Rising Star Award, earlier this year. There seems to be immense potential hidden here, being unlocked gradually, and what better way to not only boost your credentials, but also end up on the sets with the likes of Robert Downey Jr. and Mark Ruffalo, and learn a little bit of this and that. We are sure these guys know a bit about acting after all! Whether this deal happens or not is something that will unravel itself pretty soon, but it seems a win-win situation for all parties involved. But whether she dons on the costume of Scarlet Witch or not, Elisabeth Olsen is a name to remember, all set to make a place for herself in Hollywood… soon.


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