Who shall save us from the tepidness of September?

It is in the month of September that we truly realise how we love the summer season. We now miss it, we value what it brought and we eagerly wait for another one. With the end of the summer period, a lull is about to take over Hollywood, encompassing us too in its tepidness. While August was filled with 3 to 4 movies competing at times for the same top weekend spot, the whole of September has simply 9 movies releasing over its four weekends. And much of them seem to be the kind that could be given a miss. But even in this gloomy time, there shall emerge a hero or two to delight the heart and thrill the mind. It is in this quest to seek the unknown hero, that we list out these five movies that may manage to make your weekend worthwhile (though we are pinning our hopes largely on the first two).

5) The Family: It has Robert De Niro, it has Michelle Pfeiffer, it has Tommy Lee Jones, so it cannot be bad, right? Well, it may not be symbolic of the best works these guys have offered over so many years, but a movie with such a legendary cast is bound to have its memorable moments. A comedy flick on a notorious mafia clan, that is relocated to France under the witness protection program, The Family could end up offering more in terms of entertainment than what the initial promos suggest.

4) Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2: Animation has been a mixed bag this year, with some big studios also unable to get their formula right. Sony Pictures Animation is not really a trend-setter in the animation industry but it did provide the hit Hotel Transylvania last year, which had also been a September release. Sony’s latest movie Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 is the sequel to the 2009 film (which also released in September) and may benefit by being the only animation film of the month. The first film had turned out to be a pleasant surprise, as the bizarre story of meatballs falling from the skies became an endearing one. But how many are actually interested in seeing more of falling meatballs, is what this September will reveal.

3) Insidious: Chapter 2: The spooky usually works, if you can really spook the audience. People pay to be scared, as the slew of horror flick hits this year has proven. And there are many reasons to believe that Insidious: Chapter 2 could be joining that list. To open with, it has James Wan again as the director; the man helmed the successful journey of 2011’s Insidious, has already provided one of the most well received horror movies in recent memory with this year’s The Conjuring, and is set to move to a bigger franchise movie with next year’s Fast & Furious 7. Then we have Patrick Wilson returning for this sequel having already been part of the hit story of The Conjuring. And the studios would not need much to earn back a return, as the production budget is said to be slightly more than the $1.5 million budget of the previous movie. Even if the budget turns out to be double, Insidious: Chapter 2 has the right ingredients to provide great returns to the studios, and hopefully to the audience as well.

2) Riddick: Sometimes you make a movie just for the fans. So it seems to be the case here. Riddick is the third installment in the The Chronicles of Riddick film series, after  Pitch Black (2000) and The Chronicles of Riddick (2004). None of the previous two movies really made much money (in fact the production budget of the second was increased to about five times the budget of the first, and it still badly flopped on the box office), and so there does not seem to make much economic sense in releasing the third. But then the heart does rule the head at times, rare as it may be in Hollywood! Co-producer Vin Diesel and director David Twohy have been pushing for a third film of the series for quite a long time and the moment has finally arrived when it hits the big screen in the first week of September. The budget has been slashed to just $38 million, but this series has seen a cult following grow over time and for them, the budget does not matter. Starring Vin Diesel and Karl Urban, Riddick could turn out to be an all-out entertaining sci-fi flick… and in this dull period, may well be the ray of sunshine that we are waiting for!

1) Rush: It is a Ron Howard film! Those have to be the opening words when you talk about this upcoming biopic revolving around the 1976 Formula One season and the drama surrounding Austrian Ferrari driver Niki Lauda and British McLaren-Ford driver James Hunt. Ron Howard has regaled us all over many years with movies of the highest standards, with stories that touch the core of the heart, with drama that can make you forget everything else. We can go on and on about Ron Howard, and in fact we did do that in our previous piece “The Best of Ron Howard“. Beyond Ron Howard, Rush also boasts of the presence of Chris Hemsworth who has had a successful time beyond playing Thor as well. Then there is the great rivalry between Lauda and Hunt which itself is a chapter worth reading on and amidst the drama of the 1976 season, it took an eventful turn that all sports fans would enjoy to revisit. Rush is an original film, not a sequel, reboot, remake, that studios love to fund nowadays. Its production budget is said to be around $50 million, an amount for which surprisingly Howard had to dig deep to obtain. It has a big bunch of studios that have come together to put the funds in place, and credit to Howard for sticking to his principles of film making. Rush will have a wide release in the last week of September in USA and the way the trailer pans out, this has the making to be another Howard classic falling in the league of Apollo 13, A Beautiful Mind and Frost/Nixon.

Till then, enjoy the speedy trailer of Rush!


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