Waiting for Zoolander 2…

Just a week back, the sequel to the Farrelly brothers’ hit of 1994, Dumb and Dumber, released in the USA to a very strong opening. Twenty years after the original! That is a long long time for the goodwill of the first movie to get extinguished. But what the success of the sequel Dumb and Dumber To shows is that if you can get the marketing right, and of course make a good movie (even if it is a silly comedy), then the lengthy time gap does not act as a spoilsport. On those grounds, I would like to root for the fast track of the planned sequel of another goofy silly comedy of the past, 2001’s Zoolander. Can’t recollect Derek Zoolander? What’s wrong with you? That’s such an adorable unforgettable face, isn’t it?

Zoolander sequel_Ben Stiller

Ben Stiller was the heart and soul of Zoolander. Apart from starring in the movie as the lead actor who is a male model with a stupid blank look, Stiller had also directed it, and co-written and co-produced it too. The movie had been made on a modest budget of $28 million but managed to earn only $60 million worldwide, which does not bring it anywhere near to the kind of financial success that Dumb and Dumber had witnessed. But after its DVD release, Zoolander saw a surge in its popularity which led to the possible idea of a sequel. It’s been 13 years now, and the sequel appears to be taking a more visible shape.

Zoolander sequel_Penelope Cruz

Deadline has reported that Penelope Cruz has signed on to star in Zoolander 2. Well, that’s big news! Penelope Cruz has worked on her share of comedy films, but it is those intense dramas that have made her the big star we see today. So seeing her lighten up and be part of something as silly as a Zoolander film would be a good change, and she will of course bring quality and charm to the movie.

Zoolander 2 is being written by Ben Stiller who will once again direct the movie. This has been a project in the pipeline for many years, with many rumours floating around on casting, but only now are we hearing something more concrete. Will we see Owen Wilson (Hansel McDonald) and Will Ferrell (Jacobim Mugatu) reprise their roles, is the big question yet to be answered. But I say get them soon onboard and get back Vince Vaughn too, who played Zoolander’s brother, and we shall be seeing a big chunk of the “Frat Pack” again. And what about Jerry Stiller? Ben Stiller’s father in the real world had played Zoolander’s agent in the reel world, and I bet Ben Stiller would weave in space for his dad to reprise his role in the sequel.

Zoolander sequel_Original Cast

Zoolander 2 could still be years away from an actual release, if that ever happens. But oh, how I wish that things would pick up pace! Hollywood needs movies of such a kind, the ones that are silly to the core but are not taking the audience for granted, the ones that are filled with craziness and absurdity that still have a certain logic to them, the ones that will amuse you (or for those like me, they will make you laugh till your stomach hurts) by being endearing rather than disgusting. In many ways I would even rate Zoolander above Dumb and Dumber, and so the idea of a sequel to the former really excites me. Comedy itself has moved away from such an act, as a Zach Galifianakis performance would now be wrapped in a more intelligent plotline or an abusive talking soft toy bear would also have its moments to make you cry. Which is fine, and in fact, applaudable. But there is definitely room for that non-stop silly comedy in today’s cinema, such as the one we saw 13 years back where male models were brainwashed to assassinate world leaders. Zoolander was not afraid to be silly then, and hopefully it will not be afraid whenever it comes out next. Come soon is what I cry for! Till then, relive your memories and enjoy a few Zoolander moments from this clip on Youtube.


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