‘Tron 3’ welcomes back Olivia Wilde

Surprise, surprise, Tron 3 is actually in the works! More on that later. The bigger news, and a great reason now to look forward to this flick, is that Olivia Wilde is back on board to reprise her role of Quorra from 2010’s Tron: Legacy as announced by Hollywood Reporter. I had actually enjoyed a lot of things from Tron: Legacy, but one of the most memorable characters from the movie was in fact this algorithm within the virtual world, part of a larger group which came into existence spontaneously, but eventually only one remained – Quorra. She is a loyalist, a brave warrior, and a great friend to have. When she steps out of the Grid by the end of Tron: Legacy, becoming a flesh-and-blood human, and sees her first sunrise, your heart really goes out to her, for she deserved her wishes to come true more than anyone else. Olivia Wilde was incredible in this avatar, looking at her best when she pulled off some great action scenes, and no one else would have suited better in her place for the next instalment of the series.

Tron series_Olivia Wilde as Quorra

It would be wonderful if the next Tron film brings out more of Quorra’s personality. If the film is to continue from where the previous one left off, then Quorra is the newcomer to our world, and her understanding and appreciation of it could be a theme to follow. I love this idea more so, because it will put Olivia Wilde in a more central role. For some reason, she has not been able to establish herself as a leading lady in films. After Tron: Legacy, we saw her in the sci-fi film Cowboys & Aliens which did not work out too well, in the comedy movie The Change-Up, as the mother of Justin Timberlake in In Time, the wife of Chris Hemsworth in Rush (which was one of her better performances but limited screentime), briefly in Her etc etc. Olivia Wilde is ‘leading lady’ material in my opinion, and I hope there is a good enough role given to her for the upcoming Tron movie. Quorra deserves it!

Tron series_Olivia Wilde as Quorra_2

The fact that Disney is going ahead with a sequel to Tron: Legacy itself is a surprise. Remember that 2010’s Tron: Legacy was a sequel to 1982’s Tron which was no big box-office hit either, but developed a cult following as time passed by, which was deemed good enough to build a franchise. Tron: Legacy got the greenlight; it had a huge production budget of $170 million and so the studios would have expected to breakeven at around $500 million. The movie’s gross box-office earnings worldwide was however lower, at $400 million, and that is the reason why very few would have expected Disney to keep this franchise alive. Tron: Legacy did have a few things working for it though, apart from Quorra, and that would include the Daft Punk soundtrack that really took off well, and the fantastic visual effects brought on the big screen by director Joseph Kosinski. Well, Kosinski is returning for the next film too, which is another good news, for you can expect at the very least that the movie would be a visual sight to behold. Garrett Hedlund too is back on board to reprise his role of Sam Flynn, the son of Jeff Bridges’ character. The movie could be headed for a late 2017 release though no official date has been announced yet. But patience is a virtue, right? Take your time folks; a lot of us are waiting with high expectations!


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