Top 3 earning movies of Ryan Reynolds before ‘Deadpool’

With the mighty success of Deadpool, praises are coming in from all corners of Hollywood for whosoever has been associated with the film. A big chunk of the applause has been rightly directed towards the lead actor Ryan Reynolds. Now Reynolds, for all his good looks and charming personality, has struggled to establish himself as a hero who can get in the audience solely on his name. Before Deadpool, only five of his movies had earned more than $100 million at the box-office in North America, of which only two had him as the sole male lead; to make it look all the more worse, only one of those two achieved some kind of financial success with the other being the now infamous Green Lantern. Nonetheless, with Deadpool bringing out out the best of Ryan Reynolds, and turning into a global hit in the first weekend itself, we look back at the three biggest movies released so far – in terms of box-office numbers – starring Ryan Reynolds.

#1 The Croods

In 2013, DreamWorks Animation pulled out a surprise hit with The Croods. Made on a production budget of $135 million, the movie earned $587 million worldwide which included collections of $187 million from North America. In this animated movie, Ryan Reynolds voiced the character Guy, described as an inventive boy, who falls in love with the daughter of an overprotective father. The movie is based in the prehistoric era, where a family of cave dwellers accompanied by Guy search for a new home after their cave is destroyed in an earthquake. Guy was one of the central characters of the movie along with the father voiced by Nicolas Cage, though it is difficult to attribute the success of an animated movie to the actors voicing the lead characters. Nonetheless, this movie remains Ryan Reynolds’ biggest film till date (a sequel is slated for 2017), and I would be very pleased if Deadpool can take over that position soon. Till then, meet Guy if you haven’t met him yet.

#2 X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Eh well, guess which superhero did Ryan Reynolds play before starring in Deadpool this year. Deadpool! In 2009, Reynolds took on the role of the ‘merc with a mouth’ in Wolverine’s spin-off story, only to find his mouth  sewn when he was transformed into Deadpool and be ridiculed by fans of the comics. How poor that role was can be seen now in the light of Reynolds’ second take on the character. The movie wasn’t a mighty financial success but does feature as Reynolds’ second biggest grosser with $373 million earned worldwide, of which about $180 million came from North America. Considering the movie’s budget was $150 million, the global earnings for the movie are lackluster. No one blamed Reynolds though for the manner in which Deadpool was shown on screen, and he got his second chance at it where he could do no wrong.

#3 The Proposal

While it features third in the list, The Proposal is one of the few movies where Ryan Reynolds was a huge factor in its success. This romantic-comedy film had Reynolds paired with the amazingly talented Sandra Bullock in an awkward assistant – boss relationship. And yeah, Reynolds played the assistant to Bullock’s pushy boss. To avoid deportation from US, Sandra Bullock decides to marry Ryan Reynolds, thus launching a string of hilarious events. Reynolds got to show off his charms every time the camera panned on him, and his chemistry with Sandra Bullock was just perfect. Made on a modest production budget of $40 million, the movie earned $317 million worldwide, making it Reynolds’ most profitable movie… until Deadpool happened!


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