The Rock’s next big 5…

The Rock aka Dwayne Johnson has made deep inroads in the film industry and is now seen as a star in his own right. A charismatic smile, an imposing personality and the right kind of mix and match of scripts has helped him build a good body of work without getting stereotyped. And he is quite prolific! A Dwayne Johnson movie always seems to be around the corner, and there is in fact one lined up for this weekend. For the bigger enthusiasts of Dwayne Johnson’s films, here are the next five ones where you will see the big man flexing his muscles or breaking into a smile.

1) Central Intelligence (June 2016)

Dwayne Johnson_Central Intelligence

In this comedy flick, Dwayne Johnson is teaming up with another hot property, at least as far as comedy movies go, Kevin Hart. Both are playing old school pals in the movie, but when Kevin Hart reunites with Johnson, all hell breaks loose as Hart gets pushed into a world of international espionage much against his wishes. Central Intelligence of course has the physical comedy to play around with, given the considerable difference in body shape between the Rock and Hart, but trust in Rock to match Hart every step of the way in comic timing. This one could turn into a laugh riot!

2) Moana (November 2016)

Dwayne Johnson_Moana

After Central Intelligence, we get to hear more of Dwayne Johnson than see him in Disney’s Moana. Johnson is voicing the character of Maui, a demi-God, who joins an adventurous woman to set sail for a fabled island. The movie has a Hawaiian feel to it, a place where the Rock did spend sometime as a kid. Moana is also a musical; so it would be something different altogether if Dwayne Johnson also ends up singing a song or two!

3) Fast 8 (April 2017)

Dwayne Johnson_Fast 8

Production work has begun on Fast 8 which has a release planned next year. The immensely successful franchise has made Dwayne Johnson a part of its family to such an extent that now a F&F movie without him would feel incomplete. Johnson’s character Hobbs will be coming across as more physically intimidating, something that Johnson planned with the new director on the chair – F. Gary Gray – and shared on social media. A Hobbs spin-off in the future maybe? Quite possible!

4) Baywatch (May 2017)

Dwayne Johnson_Baywatch

Eh well, you know what to expect here. Based on the popular TV series, Baywatch will have a lot of lifeguards and some plot around them. With Seth Gordon as the director (Identity Thief, Horrible Bosses), we expect Baywatch to carry a lot of humorous elements. David Hasselhoff will have a cameo appearance, that has been confirmed. As far as Dwayne Johnson is concerned, he will most certainly be displaying his physical prowess to the maximum here; isn’t that why he was signed on for!? 

5) Journey 3: From the Earth to the Moon (June 2017)

Dwayne Johnson_Journey

The success of Journey 2 in 2012 prompted a third adventure, based once again on a Jules Verne’s book. In Brad Peyton’s film, Dwayne Johnson’s grandson, played by Josh Hutcherson, will embark on a trip to the moon. The first two films of this series had a thrilling fun-filled adventure, which never borders on getting too serious. Expect a similar theme for the third film, as Johnson will get to work on both his skillsets – a bit of comedy, a bit of action. The movie is scheduled for a release next year, but the production is yet to start.

There are many more movies that have Dwayne Johnson linked to them – the remake of Jumanji, San Andreas 2, Doc Savage, to name a few. And so you will have no dearth of Dwayne Johnson on the big screen, at least for the next few years. The Rock is certainly busy!


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