The Revenant trailer with Leonardo DiCaprio

Inspiring true events, tales of great human courage, stories about the strength of the human spirit, these usually make for great material for Hollywood movies. If adapted with care and quality, they turn into inspirations for others, as the story of one now spreads to many. The upcoming movie The Revenant plans to be exactly that. It retells the legendary story of the American fur trapper and frontiersman Hugh Glass who was left for dead miles away from any settlement after being badly mauled by a bear. On regaining consciousness, Glass undertook a trek which made him a folk hero, to ensure his survival and to seek vengeance on those who left him to die. Apart from this amazing adventurous tale, the movie has three other fantastic reasons to be watched.

The Revenant_Trailer

Leonardo DiCaprio: All you have to do is say his name, and people will come. DiCaprio does not choose his movies with haste, and his picks are usually signs of of great movies in the making. The Revenant brings him back to the big screen after two years since 2013’s The Wolf of Wall Street (where he was fantastic once more!). DiCaprio has done his fair share of biopics, The Wolf of Wall Street being one, and J. Edgar, Aviator and Catch Me If You Can are the others which come to my mind as of now. In The Revenant, we will see DiCaprio in a more serious and vengeful role as Hugh Glass, which in itself is interesting, and if the trailer is any indication, then it is bound to be another memorable role by this wonderful actor.

Alejandro González Iñárritu: The fact that Iñárritu won the Oscar for Best Director last year puts the spotlight on him more. But forget the Oscar and look at what Birdman was in itself, a swooping drama that was bold with its style of presentation and brought the best out of its actors. Iñárritu’s past works include the likes of Biutiful, Babel and 21 Grams, so we know that we are talking about a master story-teller who is unafraid of differing the styles of bringing a story on the big screen. Watch the trailer of The Revenant and you can see Iñárritu’s contribution in it; the way the tension moves forward, the galloping camera angles, the limited dialogues revealed for now. This Mexican director knows how to hold your attention in each frame!

Tom Hardy: Hardy is having quite a productive year, isn’t he? While the drama-thriller Child 44 did not go beyond a limited release, his next film Mad Max: Fury Road won him many accolades along with his co-star Charlize Theron. He will be next seen playing the gangsters Kravy twins (both characters) in a biopic titled Legend, and then he will share screen space with DiCaprio in The Revenant. Here he plays John Fitzgerald who travels along with Hugh Glass in the famous trekking journey and is eventually part of the team who abandons Glass. The mix of negative shade in a character won’t be the first time Hardy has depicted it, but it certainly is a lot different than playing Bane!

The trailer of The Revenant can be seen right here! Enjoy the wide landscapes, the rushing horses, the building tension, and the music.

The Revenant is scheduled to release in the USA on December 25, 2015 (limited) & January 2016 (wide).


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