The Other Woman comes out on top at the box-office

You can have females pulling off all the gags in a movie, and make it as bit as entertaining and successful as any other comedy film. That is what Bridesmaids proved in 2011, The Heat repeated in 2013, and now we have The Other Woman continuing the feat this year. The Cameron Diaz-Leslie Mann-Kate Upton female buddy comedy flick grossed an impressive $24.7 million on its first weekend in North America which is a good start for this $40 million budget film. It’s still lower than the opening of Bridesmaids ($26.2 million) and The Heat ($39.1 million), but it is still good enough to put the movie at the top of the box-office charts and push Captain America: The Winter Soldier to the second spot for the first time since its release. The movie has been targeted to the female folks, who formed about 75% of the total viewing audience despite the poor reviews that the film has received from critics (26% score on Rottentomatoes). This also shows the limited female-lead movies, especially such comedies, that are there in the market, and so even average but lively movies targeted for the females have a good shot in attracting the audience. The movie will definitely not see the holding power Bridesmaids had demonstrated a few years back, but this beginning should be good enough to get the studios a nice little profit on their investment. And hopefully it would keep the ball rolling for movies of this genre.

Earnings_The Other Woman

The Other Woman was the clear winner of the three wide releases on the weekend. But Brick Mansions, the remake of the 2006 French film District B13, had sentimental value attached to it as it was the final movie that Paul Walker had completed before his untimely demise. The movie though opened to a soft $9.6 million over the weekend, which probably would have been even lower if not for the Paul Walker factor. The movie has a small production budget of $28 million, and it could very well recover its budget if it opens in enough foreign markets where many Fast & Furious franchise faithful may well line up to catch another glimpse of Walker. The third wide release was the horror film The Quiet Ones which took in one of the worst openings for a movie of this genre in recent times, with only $4 million. That’s way lower than the $12 million opening of Oculus earlier this month. The Quiet Ones would again have been made on a minuscule budget, as is the trend with horror films, so the damages, if any, would be limited. But a genre which has been air-tight more or less so far when it comes to making money for the studio, is seeing a few holes open up.

Earnings_Brick Mansions

The impressive run of Captain America: The Winter Soldier though continues. $225 million in North America, $645 million worldwide, is how the figures read till now. Heaven is for Real also saw a light drop of 39% on its second weekend, and the domestic tally of this low-budget movie is already at an impressive $52 million. Johnny Depp’s woes continue as Transcendence took a heavy fall of 62% on its second weekend, and has gathered a depressing looking figure of $18 million domestically and only $52 million worldwide. This one ain’t going very far!

So that’s the last weekend of April, as we are just a little step away from the “Summer Season” to mesmerise us. Step back folks, Spidey is on his way next!

Here are the top 5 weekend earners at the US box-office (estimates):

1. The Other Woman ($24.7 million)

2. Captain America: The Winter Soldier ($16.0 million; fourth weekend)

3. Heaven is for Real ($13.8 million; second weekend)

4. Rio 2 ($13.7 million; third weekend)

5. Brick Mansions ($9.6 million)


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