The Expendables 3 call in the veterans

Are the old the current new? If the success of The Expendables franchise is to be believed, that is very much the case. Sylvester Stallone made watching the old bones refreshing, he made the crude one-liners which seemed of another age feel smart again. He even got a ruling Governor of California to enact a cameo! 2010’s The Expendables was the biggest hit for distributor Lionsgate amassing $268 million worldwide on a production budget of around $80 million. By then there was no stopping Stallone. For the next movie, he got Arnie and Bruce Willis for bigger roles, tweaked around with the roster a little, fitting in a genuinely ‘young’ fellow Liam Hemsworth, raised the laughs by bringing in Chuck Norris in Chuck Norris style but kept the heart of the movie the same. The Expendables 2 released in 2012 and swept in $312 million worldwide! Not bad, eh, for some old guys who should have been sitting in comfy chairs with Cuban cigars and remembering the days gone by?

Expendables 3_Expendables 2

All along Stallone has talked of how he wanted The Expendables 3 to be even bigger, badder, meaner. If you read his frequent tweets, then this message would not have been undelivered. And Stallone is living upto the big promises he made… at least when it comes to casting. While much of the old mean guys of the previous movies would return (no Bruce Willis though), the newer members are turning out to be the who’s who of Hollywood. Oh, none of them belong to the younger lot, mind you. This is no place for the Pattinsons and the Efrons. These are legends, of a time gone by, who still carry with them an aura that will never be lost. If you are someone who has picked up the trail of Hollywood recently, and are not familiar with these names, then make a note of them now… these are names worth knowing. Between them they carry an acting experience of more than 150 years! While for any other movie, my reasons to watch these gentlemen would have been driven more by nostalgia, it is different with The Expendables 3. Stallone made things work that many felt wouldn’t with the previous two movies, he made the old feel new again. And so with The Expendables 3, my heart races in excitement to get to see some great actors put on a show again. Releasing in August 2014, this one is going to be a bonanza!

Who are the new ‘old guys’ on the list? Here are the fine ones set to feature in The Expendables 3… as we look at them over the years.

Harrison Ford (first film role in 1966)

Mel Gibson (first film role in 1977)

Nicolas Cage (first film role in 1980)

Antonio Banderas (first film role in 1982)

Jackie Chan (first film role in 1962 as a child actor)


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