The 2016 Summer Blockbuster Guide

The summer brings with it a hoard of movies, and the ones we are specially looking forward to are those made on massive budgets, that pop up in the news frequently, that are advertised vigorously by the studios, and that hold the potential to be billion dollar earning movies. These kind of movies are to be found outside the summer period as well, as was the case last year when Furious 7 came before the summer began and Star Wars: The Force Awakens came afterwards. But if you are looking for a dense concentration of these big budget films that are battling to be called blockbusters, then you need to be tuned in to the summer period. 2016 has an exciting one right ahead of us!

Summer Blockbusters of 2016_X-Men Apocalypse

Superheroes will be competing for top slots

Two big franchises are going to be the biggest attraction of this summer. The first one is scheduled for an early summer release, Captain America: Civil War (6 May), which will look like a mini-Avengers movie, also marking the introduction of Black Panther and the latest version of Spider-Man. The movie is definitely set to be a blockbuster, but no movie in the Marvel Cinematic universe beyond the two Avengers flicks and Iron Man 3 has crossed a billion dollars worldwide; I have a gut feeling that we may be onto the fourth. Challenging the Marvel cinematic universe will be the X-Men series, as Bryan Singer will mesmerize us with X-Men: Apocalypse (27 May). With Deadpool already cementing the strength of the X-Men franchise earlier this year, X-Men: Apocalypse can reap some of that goodwill before we some day see Deadpool become a part of the bigger universe. We have another bunch of superheroes, or rather super-villains, coming this summer in the movie titled Suicide Squad (5 August) which continues DC’s attempts to create something as marvelous and huge as Marvel’s cinematic universe. The opening with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was not that appealing, and so I have my doubts with Suicide Squad, though David Ayer as the director and Jared Leto playing the Joker does give us a reason to cheer.

Animation franchises will be strong competitors

There are two big budget animated movies scheduled for a release in the summer. And nothing can get bigger in this category than a Pixar film. Finding Dory (17 June) will be a followup to 2003’s Finding Nemo, and even though Pixar got it terribly wrong with their last release, A Good Dinosaur, it will take more than one failure for us to stop loving Pixar and what that studio creates on the big screen. Blue Sky Studios has Ice Age: Collision Course (22 July) scheduled for a release this year, the fifth movie of its successful franchise, releasing after a four-year gap. The studio seems to be pushing the series beyond its lifespan but going by the success of the previous movie and the lack of options in this genre, even Ice Age: Collision Course might turn out to be a big hit.

Some franchise movies hold great potential 

The summer period is generally filled with franchise movies and 2016 is going to be no different. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (3 June) is going to be a ‘guilty watch’, the way the previous movie was, and even though die-hard fans of the Turtles will disapprove, the movie is meant to serve a bigger crowd. We will then have the reboot of Ghostbusters series (15 July), this time with an all-female group knocking out the ghosts as director Paul Feig seeks another hit after Spy. Just a week later, Star Trek Beyond (22 July) will continue the rebooted Star Trek series, this time without J.J. Abrams as the director, and hoping to do better than the previous two movies that I feel had the potential to earn much more at the box-office. And oh boy, who does not want to meet Matt Damon as Jason Bourne again in the movie titled Jason Bourne (29 July), almost nine years since his last success with this character!? The next one on the list is not exactly a franchise movie, rather a reboot by Disney of one of its old tales, Pete’s Dragon (12 August). The way Disney has been churning out its old stories into newer formats and dazzling the world, I will have no qualms in betting on the success of Pete’s Dragon too.

Some franchises may find it tough

Alice Through the Looking Glass (27 May) is a sequel to the 2010 super-hit film, but this time it comes without the director Tim Burton who has been replaced by James Bobin, a name we are not too familiar with. It is going to be a tough task for this sequel to match the billion dollar plus earnings of the original film, especially with direct competition from the better-looking X-Men: Apocalypse. The fact that the love of the audience for Johnny Depp in bizarre costumes has also faded over the years will not help matters much. Roland Emmerich is coming out with Independence Day: Resurgence (24 June), a sequel to his 1996 hit movie, which seems more than a decade late in arriving. With no Will Smith, its initial attraction has itself reduced, but if you do get goosebumps whenever you hear Bill Pullman’s famous speech, then you are most likely ready to give Emmerich a chance with this sequel.

New movies may hold some gems

Based on the famous video game, Warcraft (10 June) has a tough challenge up ahead considering how poorly video game to movie adaptations usually do. But if things do go well, this will be the beginning of a new franchise. Since no one remembers the last Tarzan movie that was shot, for all purposes The Legend of Tarzan (1 July) is a new flick aiming to start a franchise of its own. The initial promos have been quite breath-taking which raises my expectations from the movie. On the other hand, expectations from The BFG (1 July) were high right from the time Steven Spielberg began work on it, and the direct competition with The Legend of Tarzan would be interesting.

What an exciting summer period to look forward to!


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