‘Terminator Genisys’ terminated domestically, ‘Magic Mike XXL’ fizzles

Terminator Genisys was being seen as one of the big boys releasing this year that would take the box-office by storm. Furious 7, Avengers: Age of Ultron and Jurassic World did exactly that; even though the Terminator franchise may no longer be considered at par with these franchise giants, we still expected something on the superlative side. Well, it did not go ahead as planned. A $28.7 million weekend collection is a low that no one in the Terminator camp, including the fans would have wanted to see, for this could even mark the end of the franchise as we know it. Over the five-day holiday weekend, the movie made $44 million in North America, which is still a lowly figure for a film with $155 million as its production budget alone. Terminator Salvation, the movie that no one claims to love, had managed $42.6 million on its opening (3-day) weekend alone. Terminator Genisys is not going to touch even $150 million in the domestic market, which leaves it to the mercy of the non-Americans. Eh, but there are many of those! Terminator Genisys opened in many foreign markets and earned $85.5 million on the opening weekend, taking its total worldwide earnings tally to a more respectable figure, that is close to $130 million. Notably it is yet to open in two big markets – China and Japan. So what kind of figures Terminator Genisys requires? Well, at this production budget and adding for marketing expenses, I presume the movie has to make a minimum of $400 million globally. If the domestic tally comes to around $120 million say, then it needs another $280 at least from the foreign markets. For comparison’s sake, Terminator Salvation made $246 million from foreign markets back in 2009, without the ‘Arnold Schwarzenegger is back’ theme. So Terminator Genisys has a realistic chance of meeting its minimum goal, considering that the overseas markets have only grown bigger for Hollywood films since 2009. It is nonetheless going to be considered a sub-par performance, struck by the dynamic duo Jurassic World and Inside Out which turned out to be much stronger than expected, and poor reviews for Terminator Genisys as well (27% on Rottentomatoes). Eh well, stranger things have happened in Hollywood, and maybe Terminator Genisys might make enough for the studios to go ahead with the sequel. I wouldn’t mind to see him back!

Terminator Genisys_Arnold Schwarzenegger

Magic Mike XXL, the sequel to the surprise hit of 2012, pulled in $11.6 million over the weekend, and $26.7 million over the longer five-day holiday period. Is that good or bad? On a standalone basis, the movie’s opening is fairly decent considering that the production budget is low at $14.8 million. The movie should cross $50 million and thus turn in a profit for the studio. But comparisons with 2012’s Magic Mike show why the studio would have been hoping for something better. Magic Mike earned a staggering $39.1 million from its first three days of release, and had been made on about half the production budget as its sequel. Magic Mike XXL does not come anywhere close to such a phenomenal performance. It’s all the more disappointing given that Channing Tatum is on another level of stardom now than he was three years back. The reviews aren’t that bad with a 64% score on Rottentomatoes, but I would be surprised if another sequel takes shape.

Earnings_Magic Mike XXL

So two more newcomers were dispatched emphatically by the box-office champions – Jurassic World and Inside Out. Both movies are falling less than 50% now on weekend-to-weekend basis, which has kept Jurassic World at #1 position for the fourth weekend in a row. I’ll just spill out the numbers for this monstrous movie and let them do the talking – $558 million in North America & $827 miillion overseas totaling to $1,385 million globally, and counting. Jurassic World has now narrowly moved above Avengers: Age of Ultron, though it is only a matter of time before Furious 7 The Avengers fall as well. The Pixar movie Inside Out has earned $363.5 million worldwide till now, which includes $246 million from North America. Pixar’s another great film, Toy Story 3 – which is a $1 billion plus earning movie – had earned $289 million domestically over the same period. For an original film like Inside Out to be on the heels of one of the biggest franchise movies is a testament of its greatness! As far as the previous week’s releases are concerned, Ted 2 fell by a disastrous 67% while Max had a more respectable drop of 46%. Ted 2 has earned $94 million worldwide till now, and might need to double that to achieve breakeven. Max has earned $25 million domestically so far, and it too would have to more than double its tally, which is bound to be difficult. On a happier note, Spy has crossed $200 million globally, and should be bringing in some good profits for the studio. Way to go Paul Feig & Melissa McCarthy!

Here are the top 5 weekend earners at the US box-office:

1. Jurassic World ($30.9 million; fourth weekend)

2. Inside Out ($30.1 million; third weekend)

3. Terminator Genisys ($28.7 million)

4. Magic Mike XXL ($11.6 million)

5. Ted 2 ($11.0 million; second weekend)



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