Superman soars at the box office

Man of Steel did what Warner Bros desperately wanted it to. It did what Superman Returns failed to. It did in fact what a Superman movie has not been able to for quite sometime. It stormed the box office and displayed its might! Man of Steel, loved by many and hated by an equal lot, earned a solid $113 million in the first weekend (and $125 million, if you include the Thursday night earnings) of its release in North America. That is the second biggest opening of the year, after Iron Man 3. More interestingly, it is much better than the $49 million earned by Batman Begins in its opening weekend in 2005. A direct comparison may be unfair, for Batman Begins never opened to this hype and its earnings continued strong even in the subsequent weeks, due to strong reviews from all around. But what it does show is that Man of Steel has given what Warner Bros were looking for, ever after the end of Harry Potter saga and The Dark Knight trilogy… something to build on. This is surely the beginning of a franchise, and that may not even be just a Superman franchise but a more elaborate one, that of the Justice League. Fans are licking their tongues in anticipation of seeing Batman and Superman on screen together, and it seems Man of Steel has given the studio a good enough reason to start seriously thinking on the same lines.

Earnings_Man of Steel

Man of Steel hasn’t opened in many major foreign markets and so its collection abroad has been limited for this weekend. But if you want any indication of things to come, in one of the big markets, UK, it has gathered $17 million which is only about $4 million short of what Iron Man 3 had earned. With no direct competition from movies of this genre in coming weeks, Man of Steel is all set to soar really really high!

And with Superman dominating proceedings, there wasn’t much left for the other movies to fight over. Seth Rogen’s This is the End has a modest budget which will make its $20 million earnings over the weekend (and $32 million on a 5-day run) look good. Now You See Me continues to surprise one and all, with yet another below 50% weekend fall that takes it to third place for the weekend. This magical movie is all set to cross the $100 million mark and showcases that entertaining cinema is always appreciated. The Purge fell behind Fast & Furious 6, finishing fifth as compared to last weekend’s first place. But even the sharp fall doesn’t make a difference now with its earnings in North America itself already reaching 17 times its budget! So those are the top five at the box office for this weekend… and it is quite likely that Superman would continue to dominate for another one too.


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