‘Spectre’ and ‘Peanuts’ bring back life to the box-office

The numbers are looking good once again! Phew! After a run of terrible weekends in October, the first week of November has brought back the audience to the theatres and brought back life to the box-office. The highly anticipated Spectre has opened in North America with an amazing $73 million earnings. It falls short of the $88.3 million opening for 2012’s Skyfall, but that was always going to be a big feat to match. Spectre nonetheless has the second biggest domestic opening for a James Bond film. Add to that the amazing reception it has had in UK and a few other international markets, and we are already debating on how close to the billion dollar mark can this movie reach. The movie’s production budgets are crazy with Boxofficemojo.com placing it at $245 million which is about $45 million more than that of Skyfall. Spectre has however already earned $296 million worldwide (including North America) thanks to its early release in a few international territories. The movie is going to be a spectacular hit for Sony Pictures, no one ever doubted that, despite the higher production budget. Spectre may even eclipse the global earnings of Skyfall if it puts in a much stronger performance in China than its predecessor, which may not be such a difficult task because Skyfall earned barely $59 million in China after its early 2013 release, a figure that Spectre could surpass in the first week itself. This would be an interesting movie to keep track of number-wise, and we will keep you posted.


One of the reasons Spectre could not overtake the opening weekend figures of Skyfall may have to do with a certain comic strip that came to the big screen on the same weekend. The Peanuts Movie, based on the beloved tales of Charlie Brown, Snoopy and others written by Charles Schulz, gave many movie-goers a strong alternative if the spy stuff was not for them. The Peanuts Movie grabbed $45 million on its opening weekend, which would have been good enough to put it top of the box-office charts on most of the weekends. The reviews by the critics is highly positive – 86% score on Rottentomatoes – which could mean a strong second weekend performance. But Pixar’s A Good Dinosaur comes after that, and we could see The Peanuts Movie slip a bit on facing such heavy competition. Nonetheless, made on a $99 million production budget, The Peanuts Movie should do more than enough in North America and outside to mark it a success for Blue Sky Studios. It’s a bigger opening than the studio’s hit movie Rio 2 ($39.3 million) of 2014 which had the benefit of being a franchise film. It is also definitely going to do much better than 2013’s Epic ($33.5 million opening). We can probably expect more of Snoopy and the gang in a few years’ time!

Earnings_The Peanuts Movie

None of the next three movies on the box-office saw a drop of more than 30% over the previous weekend. The Martian moved to third place and is now only a few million dollars shy of crossing $200 million in North America, and about $40 million short of touching $500 million worldwide. It will comfortably attain both these objectives. Goosebumps has now picked up some momentum in the foreign lands; its worldwide tally stands at $92 million. Among last week’s movies… oh well, forget it; their openings itself were so terrible that tracking them on the second weekend makes no sense. It’s all about the new movies once again, and hopefully November is not going to hit the same roadblocks that we saw last month.

Here are the top 5 weekend earners at the US box-office (estimates):

1. Spectre ($73.0 million)

2. The Peanuts Movie ($45.0 million)

3. The Martian ($9.3 million; sixth weekend)

4. Goosebumps ($7.0 million; fourth weekend)

5. Bridge of Spies ($6.1 million; fourth weekend)


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