Southpaw trailer with a beefed up Jake Gyllenhaal

Movies on boxing hit the big screen time and again, usually with a good amount of success. Right from Raging Bull to the Rocky series, Ali to the quite recent The Fighter, the idea of taking a hit, fighting back, staying on your feet, draws out a very strong raw emotion within us, which makes boxing movies all the more inspiring to watch. This year, we are already awaiting Creed, the spin-off to Rocky series, but before that, get ready for Southpaw.


What’s the movie about: Southpaw has in the form of its protagonist a boxer called Billy Hope. Ambitious and a bit brash, Billy Hope is moving up in the boxing circuit until a personal tragedy changes his life altogether. As things start to fall apart, Billy Hope needs to dig deep and get his act together, not only in the ring, but outside it too.

Who’s in the movie: Jake Gyllenhaal is playing the character of Billy Hope. Coming on the back of a highly acclaimed performance in last year’s Nightcrawler for which he went creepily scrawny, Gyllenhaal has now beefed up and seems to be once more completely in character. He’s looking terrific in the trailer, and that should be a sign for things to come. Along with him is the ever graceful Rachel McAdams playing his wife and Forest Whitaker, in what might be one of his best roles since The Last King of Scotland.

Who’s directing the movie: The director of the gritty Training Day – Antoine Fuqua – is the one behind Southpaw. He comes on the back of two hit films, Olympus Has Fallen and The Equalizer, both action movies, though we expect a lot of drama to form the backbone of Southpaw.

Where to watch the trailer: Right here! The trailer gives a whole lot of the plot, but it will get you interested in the final product as well. Enjoy.


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