Sam Raimi in talks to direct a romantic drama

Director Sam Raimi has been associated with a number of blockbusters. For those who have started watching Hollywood movies over the past decade or so, Sam Raimi is the guy behind the spectacular Spider-Man trilogy and lately, the one who brought back the city of Oz in Oz the Great and Powerful. For those who have been watching Hollywood films over a much longer time, you would remember him as the master of horror, the one who gave the world the Evil Dead series and Army of Darkness, and even Drag Me to Hell quite recently. But Raimi has dabbled now and then with something a bit more realistic, a bit less of fantasy, like the crime thriller A Simple Plan or the sports drama For Love of the Game. It appears that Raimi may be venturing into the non-fantasy space again, at least as far as his next venture is concerned.

Sam Raimi Love May Fail_Sam Raimi

Deadline reports that Sam Raimi is in talks to come on board the movie adaption of the romantic drama novel Love May Fail. The things you should know about this novel are :

– It is being written by Mathew Quick, the author of Silver Linings Playbook which of course had a famous movie adaptation of its own.

– The book is yet to be published, and has a June 2015 date set for now.

– The movie rights to the book had been won by Sony Pictures after a big bidding war. Sony has put the project in the hands of producer Matt Tolmach who previously headed production at the studio and was very much involved in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man movies.

– The book’s plot reads something like this, “A woman who is coming off a demoralizing ending to her marriage to a cheating husband returns to her hometown determined to clear the name of her favorite English teacher, whose career was ended forcibly after a classroom scandal.”

So will Sam Raimi finalise the deal or not, that is the question of the day. His last venture as a director came quite early in 2013 with Oz the Great and Powerful, and so it is time that he chooses his next project soon. He has been linked with the movie adaptation of the video game The Last of Us, but that could be limited to being a producer. I would love to see Raimi take on something like Quick’s Love May Fail, just out of the sheer fact that its success is not a foregone conclusion and this element of uncertainty will add to the excitement. Sam Raimi is of course a terrific director, unquestionably, but he has not dabbled with such a genre before, and in fact, he has not directed a non-fantasy / non-horror film for more than a decade now. Love May Fail would provide an interesting challenge to Raimi, and it has the early elements of being an Oscar worthy film.

One should not forget that author Matthew Quick is ‘hot property’ right now in Hollywood. Quite recently, Weinstein Co. nabbed the rights for his next publication, Every Exquisite Thing which follows a goody-two-shoes student-athlete who starts to get in touch with her wild side after reading a cult classic novel. Weinstein Co. is already adapting Quick’s 2013 novel Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock, while Fox Searchlight has the rights for his 2010 book Sorta Like a Rock Star. It won’t be a bad time then to take up a movie based on a Matthew Quick novel, eh!? Sign the dotted line, Sam Raimi!


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