Rebecca Ferguson’s exciting projects up ahead

Rebecca Ferguson stole the show in Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation and became one of the breakout stars of the year. The interest in her upcoming projects is thus on a rise, and thankfully, she’s picking up projects that indeed are exciting, on paper at least. If you want to catch-up with Rebecca Ferguson on the big screen, then these are the movies you need to keep an eye out for.

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Despite the Falling Snow

The first of the three movies featuring Rebecca Ferguson that will release in 2016, Despite the Falling Snow will see her as a spy once again, this time in Moscow during the Cold War. Assigned to steal secrets from a politician, she falls in love with him. Expect romance mixed with political intrigue and drama in this movie which is being directed by Shamim Sarif, who had written the 2004 book on which the movie is being adapted.

Florence Foster Jenkins

Rebecca Ferguson will not be punching guys and slamming bikes in this biopic being directed by Stephen Fears. Florence Foster Jenkins is based on the New York heiress who became an opera singer and was notorious for her bad singing skills. The role of Florence Jenkins will be played by Meryl Streep, while Hugh Grant will enact the stage actor St. Clair Bayfield who was also Jenkins’ partner and manager. Rebecca Ferguson is part of the supporting cast playing the suffering wife of Bayfield.

The Girl on the Train

Pawla Hawkins’ novel became a rage last year, and its movie adaptation is being awaited with similar excitement. The movie is being directed by Tate Taylor and follows the story of an alcoholic divorced woman Rachel Watson who observes a house closely every day when her train passes by, only to one day discover something is wrong. It’s quite a thriller, at least the book was, as the plot thickens once Rachel starts her own investigative work. While Emily Blunt is cast in the lead role of Rachel, Rebecca Ferguson will play Anna, an important character who is the current wife of Rachel’s ex-husband. Big expectations from the movie!

The Snowman

Jo Nesbo’s famous detective Harry Hole from his book series is now going to appear on the big screen with Michael Fassbender set to play him in 2017’s The Snowman. Directed by Tomas Alfredson, the movie will also feature Rebecca Ferguson as Katrine Brett who will work along with Harry Hole as they investigate the disappearance of a woman whose pink scarf is found wrapped around an ominous-looking snowman. Michael Fassbender – Rebecca Ferguson sounds like a fantastic combination!


The most recent announcement is the sci-fi movie Life which will be directed by Daniel Espinosa (Safe House). The movie follows a group of astronauts on the International Space Station who bring back a sample from Mars, which turns out to be much more dangerous than they originally thought. The story has been written by the duo that has worked on the upcoming Deadpool. Ferguson’s role is not known for now, but we hope it will have her beating the crap out of some aliens (I am assuming there will be aliens!). More details on the movie will come out later.

Mission: Impossible 6

In December 2015, we were given the highly exciting news that Rebecca Ferguson would indeed be returning for the sixth movie of the Mission: Impossible franchise. Leading ladies do not make a return in this series, barring the brief shot of Michelle Monaghan in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. So the studio tying up Ferguson for a second movie is a testament to the popularity she gained with the previous one. The movie will also mark the return of director Christopher McQuarrie, which is also a first for the series. Movies in this franchise traditionally come after a 3 to 4 year gap, but it looks like the studio may be aiming for a 2017 release for this one. We ain’t complaining!


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