November 2015: Movies to look out for

After what turned out to be quite a terrible October, our hopes stand renewed for the month of November as the year slowly draws to a conclusion. There is a mix of franchise movies as well as original ones, and at least a couple with the potential to be hitting the billion dollar mark. Animation, sports, action, fantasy, comedy, drama, once more Hollywood has all the flavours to offer. It is upto us to choose the right ones so that our collection looks the best. Here are five films from November that might just help you achieve that.

5) The Peanuts Movie: A fan of the famous comic strip Peanuts? If you aren’t, then I need to ask what’s wrong with you! Creator Charles Schulz’s famous comic series now gets its first serious Hollywood adaptation which was long overdue. The idea of seeing Charlie Brown, Patty, Sally, Linus, Snoopy, and a host of other beloved characters on the screen will send shivers of excitement amongst the scores of fans. There is more than half a century worth of reputation to live upto, so this movie better be great!

4) The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2: The series that evoked a huge fan following across the globe is finally to come to a conclusion this month. A movie too many, I wonder however, since the final book was split into two films which killed the pace and excitement of the previous movie. That should not be a problem now as Katniss goes into a full-scale war with President Snow; so expect a lot of mayhem and drama before the curtains are finally drawn!

3) A Good Dinosaur: Pixar already have one of the best movies of the year against its name with Inside Out. But the studio wants to make up for missing out on a release in 2014. So now we get another treat from this amazing studio in the form of A Good Dinosaur. The idea of the meteor missing the Earth millions of years back, which means the dinosaurs survive and now live along with the humans, is an idea that the creative minds at Pixar could only have conjured. I bet the same folks poured their heart and soul to give this story a movie it truly deserves, which will be an adventure with a lot of fun and laughter along with the much needed sentimentality. A Good Dinosaur has all the makings to be another Pixar classic!

2) Creed: I have put Creed so high on my list because there is an obvious bias here. I simply love the Rocky series! When Rocky Balboa had his final fight in 2006, I like many others thought he had hung up his gloves for sure now. Eh well, there is always something more that you can do, like train a new young boxer on the block, maybe someone who is the son of a good old friend. That’s why Sylvester Stallone aka Rocky Balboa is emerging from the shadows again, to train Apollo Creed’s son played by Michael B. Jordan. The first trailer gave me the goosebumps and has raised my expectations from the film. Sylvester Stallone had done a fantastic job when he brought back his iconic character in 2006’s Rocky Balboa, and so we can expect him to keep the standards high again, though this film is being directed by Ryan Coogler unlike the previous one which had been directed by Stallone himself. Creed may be the seventh movie of the franchise, but it still feels as good as new!

1) Spectre: The most famous MI6 agent who goes by the name of “Bond, James Bond” will be seen on the big screen again very soon. Three years since the massive success of Skyfall, which became the first Bond film to earn more than $1 billion worldwide, director Sam Mendes re-teams with Daniel Craig to achieve even newer heights. In Spectre, Bond will face a sinister secret organisation while also battling his own past. Daniel Craig has at times dropped hints that this might be his last portrayal of James Bond, which would be such a shame, because many like me have come to know only him in this role. Maybe the success of Spectre might convince him for another shot at it! The movie has the ever elegant Christoph Waltz as the antagonist which adds so much charm and quality to the film. It has a host of other amazing actors which you can read a bit more on right here. Spectre has already released in the UK where it has been setting new records. It reaches the American shores in the first week of November, and soon the nation should be gripped by Bond mania. There is no escaping 007!

November 2015_Spectre


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