New releases come nowhere close to ‘Spectre’

Three new wide releases in North America, but their combined earnings over the weekend was less than even half of that of the James Bond movie Spectre, which in case you have forgotten is in its second week of running. Amongst the new releases, Love the Coopers topped the list though came third in the domestic box-office charts with $8.4 million opening. The Christmas themed movie seemed to have come too early looking for gifts from Santa. Its opening is not disastrous for a $17 million budget film, but considering its terrible reviews (17% on Rottentomatoes), I doubt the film will find much legs in the coming weeks, and will slowly slip out of the theatres. I would estimate that a $50 million box-office tally would have been needed for break-even which is going to be mighty difficult from North America alone. It does not have the sort of appeal to click to a worldwide audience, and unless there is big surprise waiting to happen, Love the Coopers is a flop.

Earnings_Love the Coopers

The Chilean drama movie spearheaded by Antonio Banderas for the American folks, The 33, opened with a low figure of $5.8 million. Considering the movie’s production budget of $26 million, that is a disappointing opening. The movie has opened in most territories in Latin America and has earned $12.7 million from outside North America so far, which brings the worldwide gross to $18.5 million. It has in fact become the second biggest earner in Chile. But the producers would have been targeting much better collections from North America considering its relatively higher budget. With that failing to happen, the movie might find it difficult to recover its costs by the end of its theatrical run. The biographical sports movie My All American was the final wide release. With a $20 million production budget, the movie had an opening of $1.4 million, and to say that it bombed feels like an understatement. The fact that it did not even break into the top 10 on the box-office charts in its first week sums it all up.

Earnings_The 33

The disappointing new releases could not mellow the brightness with which last week’s releases are still shining. Spectre had only a 49.7% drop in its second weekend which is even better than the 53.5% drop seen by Skyfall for the same weekend. Spectre has earned $131 million in North America in 10 days, but what is far more impressive is the global run. Outside America, the movie has made $413 million already (which puts the global total at $544 million), that now includes $48 million in China from its first weekend. Numbers are only going to swell up as we can expect another $200 million to come from North America and China alone! The Peanuts Movie is also doing brilliantly well in North America with $82 million box-office earnings, and only a 45.3% second weekend drop. The movie though has been subdued in its overseas openings so far with only $8 million added, including from China. That’s quite surprising as one would have expected Charles Schulz’s comic strip to have a global recognition. There are still many territories in which the movie is yet to open, and hopefully, it would add enough to supplement the strong domestic performance.

Here are the top 5 weekend earners at the US box-office (estimates):

1. Spectre ($35.4 million; second weekend)

2. The Peanuts Movie ($24.2 million; second weekend)

3. Love the Coopers ($8.4 million)

4. The Martian ($6.7 million; seventh weekend)

5. The 33 ($5.8 million)


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