More WWII movies to watch…

World War II ended many decades back, but its stories continue to filter in even now. More recent examples include The Monuments Men which was based on true accounts, and Fury which was a fictionalised depiction of the final days of the war. The tales are set to continue from those darkest hours of mankind, and two upcoming movies depicting the WWII period are certainly worth our attention.

Dunkirk by Christopher Nolan

WWII Movies_Christopher Nolan

The brilliant Christopher Nolan has decided to move back in Time, having already explored the vastness of Space in his last film. His new film Dunkirk is going to be based on a screenplay written solely by him. If you are wondering about the origins of the title, then refer to your history books, to the early days of World War II. Dunkirk, a harbour in France close to the Belgian border, became an area of heightened tension in mid-1940 when numerous troops of the Allies were surrounded by German forces. In a historic and miraculous evacuation effort, that lasted from 27th May to 4th June, more than 330,000 soldiers were rescued from Dunkirk which let Britain live to fight another day. Christopher Nolan’s movie is going to focus on these events, though as we know very well from our past experience, Nolan hardly divulges any interesting details of his movie plot beforehand. What we know for sure is that Dunkirk will boast of a number of fantastic actors – Tom Hardy, to begin with. The recent Oscar winner Mark Rylance along with Kenneth Branagh are also part of the cast, while Cilian Murphy is the most recent member to join the group. Dunkirk will however have a big proportion of young and inexperienced cast, and how well they perform under Nolan is to be seen. Considering Nolan’s amazing track record, I am expecting each one of the actors, young or experienced, to be at their best as Nolan sinks for the first time into a true historical event. Dunkirk is scheduled to release in the USA in July 2017, but the excitement will begin right from the announcement on the trailers. Such excitement is understandable!

Five Seconds of Silence by Robert Zemeckis

WWII Movies_Brad Pitt & Marion Cotillard

Director Robert Zemeckis could not please everyone with his biopic The Walk last year, but his next movie does hold a lot of promise. The premise of Five Seconds of Silence sounds like a romantic thriller with the raging war in the backdrop. The movie takes place in 1942 when, after receiving an order to assassinate a German ambassador, Max Vatan is dispatched to a war-torn North Africa where he crosses paths with Marianne, a fellow assassin on an espionage mission in Casablanca. They fall in love with one another, though when dark secrets begin to emerge from their respective pasts, their tried and tested bond is plunged into jeopardy. The script has been written by Steven Knight who was responsible for the fascinating biopic Pawn Stars of 2014 and the equally dull Burnt a year later. The role of Max Vatan is going to be played by none other than Brad Pitt, while the role of Marianne has been handed over to Marion Cotillard. It’s a fantastic combination of great actors working with a director who can be brilliant on his day, and I am hoping that since shooting has now begun for the movie, Zemckis is at his very best. Five Seconds of Silence is scheduled to release in the USA in November 2016.


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