Monsters and Zombies bury Superman at box office

Pixar Animation Studios had done it 13 times before. And the fourteenth time was not going to be any different. Pixar’s film Monsters University opened yet again at the top of the North America box office charts with a spectacular $82 million earnings over the weekend, higher than the $63 million opening Monsters, Inc. had reported, though that was more than a decade back. Not the best of Pixar’s works, Monsters University has still managed to engage the audience by bringing back the lovable duo of Mike and Sulley and showcase a heartfelt animation tale in what has otherwise been a mediocre year for animation so far. The Pixar brand continues to go strong and hopefully the team based in Emeryville, California will not allow complacency to creep into their work. Following strongly behind the monsters, are the zombies from World War Z. With a $65 million opening on the weekend, the Brad Pitt flick has surprised many with its earnings report card. The movie has generated quite positive reviews and its full-blown action sequences and the star power of Brad Pitt have managed to push World War Z up the pedestal. The movie though would have to rely on a strong international run too for the studio to recoup the big-blown budget (which went significantly overboard), but the signs are looking good.


The dominance of Monsters University and World War Z meant only one thing… Superman was not going to get his way this time! Man of Steel which had opened to one of the best figures this year, plummeted a shocking 65% for the second weekend, managing only $41 million. Not many could have seen this coming; I would have guessed a 55% fall in the worst case. For comparison’s sake, Iron Man 3 declined by 58% in its second weekend and that had surprised many then. But Man of Steel has garnered $210 million from its domestic run so far and has still some distance to go. Further addition of $188 million from foreign lands and with still quite a few international openings left, this makes for a fine enough scorecard for Warner Bros to embark on building a franchise.

It’s been quite an amazing weekend at the US box office this time around, with movies going toe to toe, no one giving an inch. That is what the summer season is all about! It’s another big budget summer flick in White House Down that releases this weekend in USA and then a week later Monsters University should face its toughest competition in Despicable Me 2. So stay tuned, there’s a lot more to look forward to… for now, let the Monsters and the Zombies party!


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One thought on “Monsters and Zombies bury Superman at box office

  1. Fankly, “Man of Steel” disappointed me…..not too much of “out-worldly action”, if i can put it those ways…..hence, not too much of a surprise to me that the film’s earnings plummeted in the next week.

    Let’s hope that the international markets generate enough revenue for the franchise.

    Totally agree with the review on Pixar though….their characters remain timelessly loveable 🙂

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