Minions rule the weekend as Ranger flops

The minions are dancing. Boy, they are rejoicing! If left to their own, they are likely to let loose and hit the dance floor for the smallest of reasons, or no reason whatsoever. But if a reason they wanted, then a reason they have got. A big one indeed! Despicable Me 2 has soared to the top of the box office in North America, with an opening weekend earning of $82.5 million. That is much better than the first movie which had an opening weekend figure of $56 million in 2010. As Despicable Me 2 had released on Wednesday, its five-day total is… a staggering $142 million domestically alone! Add the international earnings, and the movie has already grossed $293 million. Wow!

Earnings_Despicable Me 2

Consider something more. The opening weekend performance of Despicable Me 2 is marginally marginally higher than Pixar’s Monsters University ($82.4 million), despite the former having been made on a budget of a mere $76 million as compared to a likely budget in excess of $200 million for the latter. Talk about return on investment! Despicable Me 2 may not have the animation quality of a Pixar movie but it has won hearts of various age groups with its lovable characters and an adventurous story. The movie has now the best opening in animation this year (check out the opening weekend earnings of other animation flicks of the year below). The minions gonna party all night!

Earnings_Despicable Me 2 in Graph2

While Despicable Me 2 delighted one and all, The Lone Ranger has been left alone. It has been trampled by Gru & Co, with a pitiful $29 million for the first weekend, and $49 million if you consider the five-day tally. It is turning out to be a year where the below average seem to stand no chance, and all the spectacle of visual effects will hold no good, all those huge budgets will stand for nothing, if the movie does not deliver what it should set out to do… connect with the audience and entertain them. Jack the Giant Slayer, After Earth, White House Down and now The Lone Ranger, the list where the budget was big but the movie wasn’t seems to be growing! In fact The Heat in its second weekend, managed almost as Depp’s movie with $25 million (that is just a 36% fall from the previous weekend).

Monsters University has crossed the $200 million mark in USA, but a fall of 57% in the third weekend seems to have been driven by the opening of Despicable Me 2. It is still running strong though internationally with $400 million gathered so far, and could be in line to earn something similar to the worldwide earnings of $539 million of the last Pixar movie, Brave. So it has been another weekend mixed with jubilation and tears. With the audience coming out delighted, Despicable Me 2 could well be set for another fine run next weekend. This party could very well be a long one indeed!


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