Minions are hilarious, McFarland is inspiring

We ain’t done yet with 2014, but the interest in 2015 is already sky-rocketing. Next year is filled to the brim with blockbusters. While the excitement of being seated in a cinema hall to view them is still months away, the initial promos aren’t less thrilling either. Avengers: Age of Ultron had its first trailer released last week which shattered all sorts of Youtube records. A few days back we got the much awaited trailer of Furious 7. And now we get to see some more previews from the 2015 roster.

Minions & McFarland USA_Trailer

Minions will be right up there in the list of “most awaited films of 2015”. The hard-working, funny-stupid creatures of the Despicable series have the spin-off movie which they deserve. Going by the first trailer, it seems they are bound to be as entertaining as ever before. When I had heard about this proposed movie, one of the initial thoughts that I had apart from “Wow! I love the minions!” was that there could be a possible overdose of them. This trailer though wipes away any such notion. You are bound to smile, laugh and be completely floored by this first trailer of Minions which traces the path of the minions before the events of Despicable. The trailer does not reveal Scarlett Overkill though, the female super-villain being voiced by Sandra Bullock, so that keeps my interests high in the subsequent trailers too. I cannot see this Kyle Balda and Pierre Coffin directed movie going wrong in any way. Bannnnaana!

Minions is scheduled to release in the USA on July 10, 2015.

McFarland, USA is Disney’s sports biopic of 2015. The movie is based on a true story of 1987 in which Coach Jim White played by Kevin Costner works to build a cross-country running team from McFarland, an economically challenged town in California. Not the first sports movie to be based on an underdog tale, and it isn’t going to be the last. Nonetheless, no matter how many times such a tale of ‘nobodys’ becoming ‘somebodys’ is shown, it can still evoke that feeling of inspiration and desire to succeed in each one of us. As long as the movie is well made. The trailer does set the tone beautifully with some inspiring music playing in the background. Kevin Costner has been a busy man over the past year though of all his recent movies, he looks in much better shape in this trailer of McFarland, USA. Now let’s hope that Disney has nailed it with this one and taken it a step above their own Million Dollar Arm, another underdog story based sports biopic that had released earlier this year.

McFarland, USA is scheduled to release in the USA on February 20, 2015.


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