March 2015: Movies to look out for

Two months have flown by. 2015 is already becoming a much talked about year, which has seen some big high profile hits like American Sniper and Fifty Shades of Grey that are looking at $500 million or so worldwide box-office collections each, and some big budget flops like Jupiter Ascending and Seventh Son. And we are only getting warmed up! The month of March is where things start to get more exciting, as at least one or two of the bigger franchises try to get a foot in the door. This March will be no different. There is a very interesting mix of movies in store, with lot of action and comedy flicks along with a fairy tale, sci-fi, even animation, and one big named franchise. March is going to get crazy, and if you can’t catch up with all the movies that will be thrown at you, then have a look at a few from these five at least.

5) The Gunman: The man who directed Taken, Pierre Morel, is set to give us another action thriller with an ageing hero, this time, Sean Penn. Penn was absent from the theatres in 2014, and so The Gunman would be eagerly awaited by his fans. The movie’s premise is around a former Special Forces soldier who is trying to clear his name, and even though that sounds cliched, maybe the fact that it stars Javier Bardem and Idris Elba too would make up for things.

4) Get Hard: R-rated comedies are having a pretty good time at the box-office in recent years, and Get Hard seems to have the ingredients to extend this run. Genuine comedy actors, Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart, are the face of this movie, and I am expecting the partnership to really hit it off. Considering the way in which Kevin Hart’s profile in Hollywood is growing, Get Hard could easily give it another lift.

3) Cinderella: Kenneth Branagh is bringing to life the classic fairy tale Cinderella with Lily James playing the titular character. The story is already well-known but some stories can still hold a listener spellbound, no matter how many times they have been told. With Kenneth Branagh at the helm, one can expect him to give the movie a bit more than just the reenactment of the old tale. Add to that the lavishness of the sets, which the early promos have hinted at, as another reason to watch this film. The cast also includes amazing actors like Cate Blanchett playing the evil stepmother and Helena Bonham Carter as the Fairy Godmother. Hopefully, this movie will do the old fairy tale proud!

2) Chappie: Having seen the initial trailers, Chappie has become one of the few original movies that I am genuinely excited for this year. Coming from Neill Blomkamp, the expectations have multiplied further, and I am hoping for the ingenuity shown in District 9 to resurface here. The movie stars Hugh Jackman in a somewhat negative shade it seems. But despite the adorable Australian’s presence, the real star is going to be the droid Chappie, who, in this futuristic movie, is the first droid to develop the ability to think and feel for himself which leads to some grave implications. This one looks to be a sci-fi thought-provoking action-filled movie, set to release in the first week of March in the USA.

1) The Divergent Series – Insurgent: The much anticipated sequel to last year’s young-adult genre film Divergent will release this month. While not to be spoken in the same breath as The Hunger Games, the Divergent series still has a lot of potential to grow further with two more movies to follow after Insurgent. Actress Shailene Woodley’s fan-following is on the rise, mainly after the success of The Fault in Our Stars, and she will again be the heart and soul of this movie. For those who have not read the novel series, the ending of Divergent had left a lot of interesting questions whose answers will be sought in Insurgent. I expect more intensity and action in this movie than the first as much of the premise of this dystopian world has already been created. But the movie’s reins have been handed from Neil Burger to Robert Schwentke, the latter having put a dent on his reputation with the disastrous R.I.P.D.; Schwentke has a great chance to restore our faith in his ability as a director with Insurgent, and let’s hope he does not goof up. 

March releases_Featured Image

So welcome back Beatrice Prior or rather, Tris! A few more weeks to go for the release of Insurgent, so the trailer would have to do till then.


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