‘Longest Ride’ does not shine, ‘Furious 7’ crosses $800 mn

We knew April was going to be a lean month once the excitement of Furious 7 had subsided. There was only one wide release in North America over the weekend, which was the tenth Nicholas Sparks’ book-to-movie adaptation titled The Longest Ride. The movie opened with $13.5 million at the domestic box-office, which is more or less what we have come to expect from the ‘Nicholas Sparks’ category of movies. The movie’s budget is about $34 million, which means that the studio would have been looking for a worldwide box-office tally north of $90 million. That figure now looks really difficult and quite unlikely considering the rather dull domestic opening and the limited global appeal of such sappy romantic tales with no big stars to draw attention. And yes, Scott Eastwood may be Clint Eastwood’s son, but he has a long way to go to come anywhere close to the stature of his legendary father. The opening of The Longest Ride is still better than last year’s Nicholas Sparks’ book based movie The Best of Me which opened with barely $10 million in North America. That’s probably the only good thing to say about this flick; expect a big tumble from next week onwards.

Earnings_The Longest Ride

It was no big challenge for Furious 7 to keep its #1 position at the domestic box-office despite a heavy 59% drop in its second weekend. The movie has now crossed $250 million in North America, and is close to a tally of $550 million from foreign markets. That puts the total just above $800 million worldwide already! Furious 7 opened in China on Sunday and took in the biggest single-day collection for a Hollywood film in that country ($68.6 million). China itself should contribute to more than $200 million box-office revenues for the film. It’s no longer a question of whether Furious 7 will earn more than $1 billion in its theatrical run, but when. And how much further will its wheels carry on? Based on the current momentum and the lack of competition, the movie is quite likely to jump above $1.2 billion in worldwide earnings, a feat only six Hollywood movies have managed so far. The seventh movie of the Fast & Furious series becoming the seventh one to do so, ahhh, wouldn’t that feel poetic?! The animated movie Home had a relatively lower drop in its third weekend, of only 30%. It has earned $242 million worldwide so far, but still has someway to go before we can consider it to have been successful. A bit more movie activity this weekend, so stay tuned to know if Furious 7 can keep its top position.

Here are the top 5 weekend earners at the US box-office (estimates):

1. Furious 7 ($60.6 million; second weekend)

2. Home ($19.0 million; third weekend)

3. The Longest Ride ($13.5 million)

4. Get Hard ($8.6 million; third weekend)

5. Cinderella ($7.2 million; fifth weekend)


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