Life lessons learnt from Arnie

1) When in doubt… wear black!


Whether you want to look slimmer, taller, mysterious, classy, sophisticated, tough, bold, rebellious, conforming or whatever phase you may be going through – you would never go wrong with black. You just can’t….

2) No matter how grave the situation is, don’t ever let it show on your face

Arnie_No Worry

“What, me Worry?”

3) Never lose your sense of humour

You can always find a reason to smile.

4) Actions speak louder than words

Need we elaborate!

5) And for the final one…

…we look back at the young body builder from Austria…


…who later on became a Hollywood superstar, and is counted amongst the most iconic action heroes ever…


… who then went on to become the Governor of California….


…teaching us the biggest lesson of life…

If you really put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything… anything at all!


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3 thoughts on “Life lessons learnt from Arnie

    • Haha.. nice twist! But read his story, the guy has really worked hard to reach the top… with a bit of luck here and there.

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