Jurassic World vs The Avengers battle by the numbers

Jurassic World has been on a rampage across the global box-office, eclipsing old records and widening the reach of Hollywood. Its success was not a guaranteed affair; the reboot of a series which was beloved back in the 1990s cannot be that easy, especially when the franchise had hit a roadblock with its third film. But Universal Pictures took the chance that a big dinosaur on the big screen would continue to be a selling point. Things eventually did work in the favour of the film-makers, but even they would not have imagined in their widest dreams that Jurassic World would turn out to be such a big hit, that it would eclipse the likes of Joss Whedon’s The Avengers in the domestic and global box-office. While the triumph at the global box-office had occurred a week earlier, the domestic box-office march above The Avengers was completed only last weekend. It has been some journey!

Jurassic World vs Avengers_Pic

Jurassic World had opened with the biggest opening ever seen in North America, bettering the record set three years back by The Avengers. It was an astonishing opening, something that even Marvel chose to congratulate. But some analysts, including myself, believed that the drop in the earnings in the subsequent weekends would be higher for Jurassic World than seen for The Avengers, considering the latter had been such a unique piece of cinematic brilliance which can’t be replicated. But the craze of Jurassic World did not ebb. Have a look at the weekend performances of both the movies in North America since their respective release.

Chart: Weekend domestic box-office collections (in $ million)Jurassic World vs Avengers_Weekend earnings

Look at how neck-to-neck the battle has been between these two movies. Jurassic World opened marginally higher, and had a strong hold in the second weekend too. But later on, the strength of the word-of-mouth of The Avengers saw Marvel’s movie drop by smaller amounts, and it has won almost every other weekend since then (except Weekend #6). But in addition to a really strong first two weekends, Jurassic World was also incredibly strong during the weekdays, and that is where the gap widened between Colin Treverrow’s flick and Joss Whedon’s movie. So despite a minuscule lead of $1.4 million for Jurassic World over The Avengers after three days, the gap actually widened to $26 million before we even reached the second weekend. This graph below will put things in a better perspective.

Chart: Cumulative domestic box-office collections (in $ million)Jurassic World vs Avengers_Daily Domestic Box-office movement

That’s been the story of this mighty clash, which started narrowly but within no time we knew that there could only be one winner. Compare some important milestones achieved by the two films.

$100 million: Jurassic World in 2 days, The Avengers in 2 days

$200 million: Jurassic World in 3 days, The Avengers in 3 days

$300 million: Jurassic World in 8 days, The Avengers in 9 days

$400 million: Jurassic World in 10 days, The Avengers in 14 days

$500 million: Jurassic World in 17 days, The Avengers in 23 days

$600 million: Jurassic World in 36 days, The Avengers in 53 days

Jurassic World has a tally of $624 million from the domestic box-office alone, and it ain’t done yet. It has only two movies above it on the domestic box-office charts, viz. Titanic ($658.6 million) and Avatar ($760.5 million). While reaching anywhere close to Avatar is out of the question, I estimate that Jurassic World would barely miss out on eclipsing the performance of Titanic as well. But remember, Titanic had earned $600 million in its first theatrical run, and it was after a 3D re-release in 2002 that the movie grossed an additional $58 million. So if Universal Pictures does come out with a re-release some years later (4D, eh?), the figures of Titanic would also be surpassed!

Globally too, Jurassic World stands at #3 and is definitely going to finish in that position, since the other two heavyweights are above the incredible $2 billion mark! That’s how the global earnings figure look like for the top movies.

Chart: Worldwide box-office collections (in $ million)Jurassic World vs Avengers_Worldwide box-office collections

* Jurassic World is still running in theatres globally

Phew! This is a different league altogether, and kudos to Jurassic World for joining them. A sequel, as expected, has been announced with the release date set for June 2018. Lead actors Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard would be returning, though Colin Trevorrow would not be directing the sequel, but would be assisting in the script. So we have a three-year time frame to watch, enjoy and comment on other movies, before the dinosaurs would be unleashed in our world once again!


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