June 2016: Movies to look forward to

As we approach the half-way mark for 2016, the excitement around new releases only increases. The month of May was dominated by Captain America: Civil War as the year got its first $1 billion movie. Who can take up that mantle for June is not easy to say though there are enough contenders for the top spot. There are no dearth of movies this month with as many as eleven wide releases scheduled over the four weeks, and each week carrying with it a big-budget film that seeks to become a ‘blockbuster’. As always, some smaller-budget less-known movie is bound to make a mark in the fight against the biggies, and as always, we look forward to such a surprise. For now, these are the five movies from June that look mouth-watering and should not be missed.

5) Independence Day – Resurgence: Alright, I hear you cry that a Roland Emmerich film is always about things blowing up in some spectacular fashion, and Independence Day: Resurgence looks no different. But hey, give some points for nostalgia. Two decades back Independence Day was not a routine blockbuster film, but an enjoyable thrill that had us punching the air when the aliens were finally driven out. Now they are back, and even though Will Smith isn’t around to land another punch, we do have Jeff Goldblum returning for the sequel alongside the younger Liam Hemsworth. This might just about be enjoyable!

4) The Conjuring 2: The previous horror film The Conjuring of 2013 was such a massive hit in this genre, that a sequel was unavoidable. A spin-off came out in 2014 titled Annabelle which was again well-received and now we move to The Conjuring 2. Personally, I stay away from most horror films, but for those who love the scare and creeps that a good horror movie can provide, then this is the sequel you have been waiting for. Director James Wan and actors Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga have all returned for the sequel, which can only be a good thing. Boo!

3) Free State of Jones: It is hard for any drama movie to create much of a buzz during the summer period when big-budget lavish movies fight to grab the attention of the audience. But Free State of Jones has something solid to sell, and that is Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey’s performance which seems exemplary going by the trailers. The movie is based during the period of Civil War in the USA where a farmer from Mississippi led a group of rebels against the Confederate army. Directed by Gary Ross, Free State of Jones might be the surprise package of June.

2) Now You See Me 2: The story about a group of magicians, that came back in 2013, turned out to be a surprise hit, delighting the audience with its superb cast and an intriguing plot. A sequel was straightaway announced and on this rare occasion, I do not find that unnecessary. The bulk of the original cast is back sans Isla Fisher. The directorial duties have been passed on to Jon M. Chu (G.I. Joe: Retaliation). Daniel Radcliffe has been roped in to play the villain. And despite his strange performance as Lex Luthor, I will still pay to see Jesse Eisenberg on the big screen. The initial promos have looked spunky, bright, enjoyable and ‘magical’ that makes me all the more eager for this sequel. The movie will have a tough battle with The Conjuring 2 and Universal’s big-budget Warcraft, but then did not the 2013 flick easily triumph over the costlier After Earth?

1) Finding Dory: There are usually no words required to describe how much a Pixar film is awaited. Even after the rather disappointing The Good Dinosaur. Dory needs no introduction to the movie-watching community; the forgetful fish, voiced brilliantly by Ellen DeGeneres, had made quite an impression in 2003’s blockbuster movie Finding Nemo. Her innocence, her compassion, her desire to do good won us over. So Pixar decided to give this blue fish a movie of her own where she will remember and forget about her family while her water friends will be there by her side to guide and support her. Pixar gets a great chance to bury the ghosts of The Good Dinosaur, a rare failure in the studio’s illustrious history, and an adventure in the very depths of the oceans is an excellent way to go about it. So put on your gear folks, we are about to go for a thrilling swim!

June 2016_Finding Dory


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