June 2015: Movies to look out for

Summer season is always exciting for Hollywood fans, but may not always be fulfilling. The start of the summer this year has been somewhat like that. May began with a huge blockbuster Avengers: Age of Ultron and threw in the surprise package Mad Max: Fury Road, but it ended with the disappointing Tomorrowland. June has its fair share of original as well as franchise based films, each with high expectations, though as we all know, a few will surely disappoint. Hopefully, these five movies will edge out the competition and give us an enjoyable summer period.

5) Insidious – Chapter 3: Before James Wan arrived on the sets of Furious 7, he made his reputation with horror films that did not hold back the spooks, and those included the first two movies in the hit Insidious series. The directorial duties have now been passed on to Wan’s friend and the writer of the previous Insidious movies, Leigh Whannell. Insidious: Chapter 3 is going to be a prequel, starring Dermont Mulroney. The franchise has a strong following among the fans of the horror genre, and has made truckloads of money so far. Expect this one to be spooky and successful too!

4) Ted 2: Not many would have expected 2012’s R-rated comedy Ted to turn into such a big hit, but when it did then the announcement of Ted 2 was no surprise. Bringing back Mark Wahlberg and his live teddy bear voiced by Seth MacFarlane, this sequel also stars stalwarts Liam Neeson and Morgan Freeman. I would have been more excited about this film, had I not seen the subsequent MacFarlane directed movie A Million Ways to Die in the West (2014), which now has me worried as to what brand of comedy will MacFarlane bring for Ted 2. Hopefully, a lesson would have been learnt, and we will get to see something as entertaining and enjoyable as the first movie.

3) Spy: There is a very strong reason to track the movies of director Paul Feig. That is because he knows how to make a comedy movie with female leads, that have an insane but lovable storyline and are perfect in their comic timing. Bridesmaids and The Heat prove that point. With Melissa McCarthy starring in Spy, I expect it to be another comical escapade worthy of fitting in Paul Feig’s movie portfolio. The movie also stars Jason Statham and Jude Law. If Spy does turn out to be as enjoyable as its promos suggest, then that would definitely raise the expectations from the reboot of Ghostbusters with an all-female cast which Feig is planning next.

2) Jurassic World: This is what summer movies are all about! Something larger-than-life. Nothing can beat Jurassic World in that department. A theme park filled with huge dinosaurs, spectacular landscapes, amazing visual effects, and somewhere in there, a deadly dinosaur on the prowl. Back in 1993, Steven Spielberg got us hooked to the world of dinosaurs, and this fourth instalment, directed by Colin Trevorrow, would be hoping to reboot the franchise and give it a fresh start. Apart from the attraction of seeing the extinct dinosaurs come back to life in front of our eyes, we get to see Chris Pratt be part of another big franchise, along side Bryce Dallas Howard. Expect him to tone down the playfulness of Star-Lord though; after all, everything will not go as per plan in Jurassic World, right?

1) Inside Out: A Pixar movie is never compared with other feature films. It is never spoken in the same breath as other animated movies. It stands in a league of its own, untouched, unsurpassed. Pixar had no releases in 2014, and that is what makes us all the more excited about Inside Out. It is the story of a young girl who moves into a new home, while her emotions – Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness – try to guide her, not always perfectly of course. The movie has been directed by Pete Docter, the one behind Pixar classics like Monsters, Inc. and Up, along with Ronaldo Del Carmen. Inside Out had its premiere at Cannes, and the critics are already gushing about the film. It is the first of two Pixar movies scheduled for a release this year – the other one being The Good Dinosaur which comes later in the year. We missed Pixar last year, but they are making up for it with two releases in this year. Life’s good, eh!? Inside Out will be releasing on June 19 in the USA. Till then, get acquainted with the different emotions that occupy our mind. And enjoy the trailer here.

July 2015_Inside Out


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