July packed with humour and action

The month of July holds a certain aura in its name, a name that came in the honour of one of the greatest Roman generals, Julius Caesar. It marks the beginning of the second half of the year. A time to hold still and reflect on the year gone by, a chance to right the wrongs and come out stronger in the second half. July also brings closer the end of the summer period in Hollywood, and is for many studios the last chance to bring out the big releases before the movie goers slacken their pace and come back in numbers again during Christmas. So no wonder, this July will also be packed with big movies, big stars, big budgets, and we hope, big on entertainment too! Here are the five picks that we are looking forward to this month.

5) The Turbo: It’s been a mixed bag for animation this year, but Pixar’s Monsters University has brought some life back. DreamWorks Animation are now having another go at the box office (after The Croods released earlier this year), with The Turbo narrating the story of a garden snail wanting to become the greatest racer of the world. It’s a cute story, one with potential, and while it is likely to be filled with the cliches (follow your heart, always dream etc etc), the voices of Ryan Reynolds, Paul Giamatti, Samuel Jackson and Michelle Rodriguez should keep the excitement alive in this animation flick.

4) The Lone Ranger: This one is for Johnny Depp! While he’s playing the sidekick to Arnie Hammer’s Lone Ranger and even though the cast includes bags of talent with Helena Bonham Carter and Tom Wilkinson, and even though there is a lot of history on the Lone Ranger in American culture, it is difficult to look beyond the excitement of watching Johnny Depp in yet another eccentric role that he is likely to make completely his own.

3) Pacific Rim: Massive, massive! If you have watched the initial promos of this Guillermo Del Toro flick, you can understand why we are screaming ‘massive’. Said to be on a production budget of $180 million, Pacific Rim is a story of (another) alien invasion on Earth but this time the aliens are huge, the human machines fighting them off are huge, and the landscape captured in every frame seems… yeah, huge. But with Del Toro calling the shots, this one should be more than just an action packed film. Eagerly awaited!

2) The Wolverine: Bring out the claws! Ever since the green light was given to the next Wolverine movie, there has been a lot of buzz on everyone’s favourite mutant (or almost everyone). While X-Men Origins: Wolverine was not well-received by most of the fans, the interest in the X-Men series or its offshoots have not faded as X-Men: First Class illustrated. And the interest in seeing Hugh Jackman don that jacket has not receded yet, as the excitement over his few-second cameo displayed. The Wolverine is all set to bring Wolverine to modern-day Japan and his fight with the Silver Samurai could itself be a reason to buy that ticket. Would be a great way to bring down the curtains on July!

1) Despicable Me 2: There could not have been such eagerness, enthusiasm and pure joy seen for a sequel in the animation world, apart from possibly Toy Story 3. Despicable Me had infact released in the same year as Toy Story 3, and while the latter dominated box office charts becoming the first animated movie to gross more than $1 billion revenues worldwide, Despicable Me turned out to the surprise package with its beautiful story, so cleverly put in place that the protagonist was a villain we fell in love with, its plethora of cuteness, be it the minions or the little girls, and the warmth that the story generated throughout its narration. It was the first film of Illumination Entertainment (that’s some way to begin things!) and after two more films, the studio is bringing back the next part of the tale of the villain-turned-hero. If anyone had any reservations, the trailers should have dispelled them, with the wit, cuteness and more cuteness, all still intact. It releases in a week’s time and there couldn’t have been a better way to start off July. Have fun!

To watch the hilarious first trailer of the movie and revisit an old post, click here.

July_Despicable Me 2


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