July 2015: Movies to look out for

This one has to be one of the most exciting month of July we have seen in recent years. It has a real summer feel to it. Big franchises battling it out, a mix of the old and the new, and some fresh ones too. There are five sequels / prequels releasing in this month, which will not only be competing with each other for the box-office numbers, but also an equally big figure of non-franchise movies. A lot of action calls out to us in July, but there is also drama, comedy, adventure, and animation to look forward to. A real tough choice to pick out five movies, but we do need to make an attempt. So here we go.

5) Southpaw: Jake Gyllenhaal won a lot of plaudits for his amazing performance last year in Nightcrawler where he chose to shift into the skin of a creepy, skinny and eccentric fellow. The next project which he took up could not have been more different. In Southpaw, he is a muscular, arrogant boxer who has to learn the ways of life so that it does not fall apart. The movie is directed by Antoine Fuqua and also stars Rachel McAdams. The initial promos had us raving, so we are hoping for big things when the movie hits the screens.

4) Terminator Genisys: The fifth movie of the Terminator franchise seeks to reboot the series altogether and launch a fresh trilogy. Whether that works or not, this movie gives us a chance to once more catch a glimpse of Arnold Schwarzenegger in the role that is as big as him in Hollywood. It’s sure to bring back memories of the initial Terminator movies, and hopefully Terminator Genisys would be closer to the greatness of the first two films rather than the the mediocrity of the latter two.

3) Ant-Man: Marvel never goes wrong. Forget The Incredible Hulk for a second there. So no matter how worried some of you might be, that a new superhero in this ever expanding cinematic universe of Marvel might not match the charisma and class of the Earth’s mightiest heroes, the studio always plays its cards right. You just have to trust the people at Disney and Marvel who have proven time and again, how good they are at what they do. This time with actors Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas, Marvel and director Peyton Reed will bring forth the adventures of a hero who can become as small as an ant. Ant-Man will not be restricted to his own movie, as a role in the next Captain America film has already been revealed. So just some more days to go when another Marvel superhero will win our hearts!

2) Minions: The Despicable Me franchise struck the right emotions with the audience in the past, making it one of the most successful animated movie series of Hollywood. No wonder that work began on a third movie, but rather than taking the straightforward route of creating another adventure with Gru and the girls, the film-makers wish to explore the past. And make the beloved minions the centre of attention! The upcoming Minions will explore the origins of these strange creatures and the role they have played as the planet has evolved. Expectations are bound to be high that this one too becomes a laugh-riot. Sandra Bullock, Michael Keaton and John Hamm are among the actors lending their voices, along with Steve Carell, though it is not known how much of a role Gru has in this film. Pierre Coffin (co-director) of course comes back to voice the different minions. What a fantastic job he has done so far!

1) Mission – Impossible: Rogue Nation: Many of us rave on the consistency with which Hugh Jackman has played Wolverine over the years, but that same credit should also be bestowed on Tom Cruise who has played the agent Ethan Hunt in five movies, including the upcoming flick, spanning over almost twenty years. Cruise continues to be as charismatic as he was in the first film, looks a bit more seasoned as Ethan Hunt, a sound professional. He is the cornerstone of this movie series, its real heartbeat who has kept it ticking for so long. 2011’s Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol was in fact the biggest box-office earner of the franchise, giving it a fresh breath of life. And now Mission – Impossible: Rogue Nation, directed by Christopher McQuarrie, will aim to eclipse Brad Bird’s film. In the latest flick, Ethan Hunt and his team – which includes some wonderful actors like Jeremy Renner and Simon Pegg – take on a Syndicate which is as skilled as them, and committed to destroying the IMF. I expect some amazing action scenes here, chases, wild jumps, and that famous MI music. The movie is releasing on the last day of the month, so it’s still quite far away, but it surely will be worth the wait!

July 2015_Movies to watch

In case you missed the trailer of the movie, then feast your eyes on this one, right here.


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