Jennifer Lawrence & Amy Schumer writing a script together

Photos of Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer hanging out together and riding jet skis floated on the web about a month or so back, and created quite an amount of interest among the ones who enjoy looking up on their favourite celebrities even beyond the theatres. But the bonding that is clearly happening between the two is not restricted to only sharing photos on social media websites. As it turns out, Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer are planning something big for Hollywood, which should now get even those fellas excited who care only about movies.

Jennifer Lawrence & Amy Schumer script_Both

In a recent interview with New York Times, Jennifer Lawrence spilled the beans in her own enthusiastic style on how the duo is working on a movie script.

We play sisters. We’re almost done writing. It just flowed out of us. We’ve got about 100 pages right now.

Excited? You should be. Jennifer Lawrence is one of the most talented young actresses we have in Hollywood right now. And Amy Schumer, as she has proven with Trainwreck, can write and act in a comedy film with aplomb. Both of them have vibrant personalities which rubs off on the audience and makes the movie that much more enjoyable. A comedy movie could easily accommodate the two, and while there is no past movie to judge this, but I got a hunch their chemistry is going to be nothing short of awesome. Lawrence spoke a bit more about her partnership with Amy.

Amy and I were creatively made for each other. We have different flavors. It’s been the most fun experience of my life. We start the day off on the phone, laughing. And then we send each other pages. And we crack up. I’m flying out tomorrow to see her in Chicago. We’ll write a little bit with her sister, Kim, who worked with Amy when she was writing Trainwreck.

Once the script is done, there is the small task of getting a studio to back it up. Hopefully, the script will live upto the expectations we have, and be an easy sell to a producer. Lawrence’s revelation about the partnership with Amy Schumer during an interview for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 has already gotten many fans excited, and that no doubt would actually work in their favor when looking for a studio to back their work.

We frequently lament the lesser number of women in the movie industry working behind the scenes. So when popular names like Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer announce their decision to work on a script and it becomes a big deal, that can be nothing but good for the industry. I am not talking about the quality of their work, for that will be judged at a later date, but the attention their work itself attracts which will indirectly be a source of help for other female writers. Or am I assigning too much value to this news? I hope not. We need role models in each field, and women definitely could do with a few in Hollywood who are breaking gender barriers and setting a path for others to follow. We need more of the kind of Diablo Cody and Kathryn Bigelow, and we welcome the idea of a Jenifer Lawrence – Amy Schumer written movie starring the two. Here’s hoping to more of such exciting partnerships!


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