Insidious Chapter 2 dominates September box-office

Friday the 13th is considered highly inauspicious in the Western world. Yeah, right! Tell that to the producers of the horror flick Insidious Chapter 2. On what was expected to be a rather dull month of September, with the initial signs already there after the first two weekends had seen the respective top movies rake in only $16 million and $18 million, this weekend saw the monsters scream their way right to the top. Insidious Chapter 2 topped the box office in North America with all the style and glamour that it could muster, churning up a more than impressive $41 million on the weekend! Director James Wan is having the time of his life, as the success of this movie closely resembles the phenomenal opening of his previous horror flick The Conjuring ($41.9 million) which released earlier this year, both starring Patrick Wilson. So how good has Insidious Chapter 2 really done? Check this out.

  • Its opening is the second-highest weekend figure that the month of September has ever seen, and we mean ever, falling a little short of the $42.5 million opening of last year’s Hotel Transylvania.
  • It is over three times as high as its predecessor’s (2011’s Insidious) $13.3 million opening.
  • It is the best opening figure for distributor FilmDistrict, topping this year’s Olympus Has Fallen ($30.4 million).
  • It is only marginally behind the opening weekend earnings of The Conjuring, and while The Conjuring had a production budget of $20 million, Insidious Chapter 2 was made for only $5 million!
  • It is way ahead of second placed The Family at the box-office which managed an estimated $14.5 million.

Horror movies are usually the ones to see sharp falls in the second weekend and it is unlikely Insidious Chapter 2 would be any different. Though The Conjuring had only a 47% fall in its second weekend (a rarity thanks to a strong word-of-mouth), Insidious Chapter 2 should see a rather steeper decline widening the gap between the earnings of the two movies as their theatrical runs end. But James Wan’s new flick was never in a competition with his older one, and two resounding successes at the box-office augur well as he steps into the Fast & Furious 7 boots next year. What an incredible year for the world of monsters and demons it has been!

Earnings_Insidious Chapter 2

A very distant second spot for The Family at the box-office but still not a gloomy one. The movie’s $14.5 million opening is a decent figure for the multi-starrer dark comedy film. The movie did not seem to have enough buzz going around it and so a lower opening figure had been estimated by many. But this weekend has surprised quite a few, hasn’t it? In fact the combined earnings of the top 12 movies on the weekend has been a smashing 30% higher than the combined earnings for the same weekend last year. The Family should however fade soon as the reviews are not really good enough to get more audience in the next time. As expected, Riddick took a mighty tumble, a 63% fall on the weekend. The movie has grossed $53 million so far worldwide (of which $31 million comes from home)… let’s see how far it can keep going to justify Vin Diesel’s return as Riddick in the future again.

And so to answer a question we had asked some days back. Is Insidious Chapter 2 set to join the horror success club? The answer is in. It is a resounding yes!

Here are the top 5 weekend earners at the US box-office (estimates):

1. Insidious Chapter 2 ($41.0 million)

2. The Family ($14.5 million)

3. Riddick ($7.0 million; second weekend)

4. Lee Daniels’ The Butler ($5.6 million; fifth weekend)

5. Instructions Not Included ($4.2 million; third weekend)


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