‘Hotel Transylvania 2’ sets new record, ‘The Intern’ follows strong

People don’t like Adam Sandler much nowadays as his poor box-office performances would reveal. But if you can cover him up altogether and just let him be heard, then it sort of works. This turned out to be true back in September 2012 when Sony’s animated movie filled with vampires, Frankenstein, werewolves and a lot more, along with Adam Sandler voicing Dracula, set a new domestic opening record for the month of September with $42.5 million gross at the box-office. Three years later, the record has been broken by its very own sequel, Hotel Transylvania 2, which has earned $47.5 million over the weekend. The movie has a worldwide gross of $76.7 million after its first weekend, and it should eventually cross the $358 million worldwide earnings of the 2012 film. Made on a production budget of $80 million, Hotel Transylvania 2 is on its path to be a strong hit for Sony which has not had a good 2015 till now. The studio has seen the likes of Pixels, Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2, Chappie and Aloha either come close to break-even box-office figures or fail completely. Hotel Transylvania 2 is a ray of sunshine for the studio that was badly in need of one!

Earnings_Hotel Transylvania 2

The Intern took up the second spot at the box-office in North America with earnings of $18.2 million, which is quite far away from the new September record. Nonetheless, that’s a strong debut for a movie aimed mainly at adults, and that too female adults. The opening of The Intern is the third biggest in director Nancy Meyer’s career but her other releases have typically had twice the production budget of The Intern (which is at $35~$40 million). The movie has garnered $30 million globally so far, with a long way still to go. Meyer’s other flicks have generally earned more than $200 million globally, and even if The Intern manages $150 million+, it would be a strong hit for Warner Bros. It’s nice to see simpler but cheerful movies like The Intern do well at the box-office and maybe it could stir a few more studios into action.

The Intern_Robert De Niro & Anne Hathaway pic 2

A good weekend overall for the wide releases which was wrapped up by the much-delayed Eli Roth directed horror movie The Green Inferno. It released in 1,540 theatres only, earning $3.5 million over the weekend. The movie had a production budget of $5 million and has spent little on marketing, so it could end up making money by the end of its theatrical run. Last week’s movies took a predictable fall – Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials by 53% and Black Mass by 50%. Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials has already earned a staggering $173 million worldwide, and I doubt it would stop anytime before crossing $300 million – that’s huge in front of its production budget of $61 million. Black Mass has earned $43 million over 10 days but is still to release in most of the foreign markets which would have a big say in the financial success or failure of the movie. The Everest widened its theatre count over the weekend in North America but the strategy did not go too well, as it barely earned $13 million from more than 3,000 theatres. Nonetheless, the movie has a growing viewership in foreign markets, and has earned $97 million worldwide so far. It should end above $150 million eventually which would should be decent enough for a $55 million budget movie – though the potential seemed bigger. And to wrap it up, The Visit has crossed $60 million worldwide, with still a lot of foreign markets left. I am very interested in its final tally, even though quite a big success it already is!

Here are the top 5 weekend earners at the US box-office (estimates):

1. Hotel Transylvania 2 ($47.5 million)

2. The Intern ($18.2 million)

3. Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials ($14.0 million; second weekend)

4. The Everest ($13.1 million; second weekend)

5. Black Mass ($11.5 million; second weekend)



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