Happy Birthday, Morgan Freeman!

June 1, 1937. The house of a school teacher and a barber in Memphis, USA, was blessed with their fourth child. A son. They named him Morgan. Morgan Freeman. While 76 years back no one could have envisaged the life’s journey a young Morgan would have taken, now we cannot envisage the whole institute of Hollywood where the talented Morgan would not have been a part. The achievements of Morgan Freeman in the world of acting are too exemplary to even type, as words shall often fall short. The accolades he has won in this journey, numerous. The hearts he has won, plenty. The example he has set for many, inspirational. Morgan Freeman started late in Hollywood, but once he did, there was no stopping him.

Acting is living, is the kind of line you would associate with Morgan Freeman. He makes it look effortless, as if there is no audience, there are no cameras, this is no job, it is simply living another chapter of your life. With the plethora of work that he has done in the past decades, Morgan Freeman may stand for something different for each one of us. Who is Morgan Freeman for you? Is he the patriotic Sgt. Rawlins from Glory, the illiterate driver Hoke Coleburn from Driving Miss Daisy, or the spent-out gun slinger Ned Logan from Unforgiven? Is he the prison inmate Red and the narrator of a soul-stirring tale from Shawshank Redemption, the retired boxer Eddie Dupris from Million Dollar Baby or the astute homicide detective Somerset from Seven? Is he the no-nonsense crime lord from Lucky Number Slevin, the gifted and perfect ally Lucius Fox in Batman Begins, or the all-powerful God from Bruce Almighty? And the list can keep going on further…

Everyone will have a Morgan Freeman role that will stand out and never be forgotten for ages to come. And there shall, I hope in all earnestness, be many more such roles to follow. As Morgan Freeman turns 76 today, we do only wish the best of things for him. Carry on the good work, Morgan… and thank you!


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