Hanks – Spielberg’s ‘Bridge of Spies’ awesome trailer

Back in April 2014, news had broken out of a possible Tom Hanks – Steven Spielberg collaboration on a political thriller cum spy drama set in the backdrop of the Cold War. And yep, based on true events. I mentioned it in my post which you can read here, as we had chartered down memory lane to remember the previous three marvelous movies that had Spielberg behind the cameras and Hanks in front of them. Well, as time went on, the rumours became true, and Spielberg started work on his project which was to be named Bridge of Spies. But 2015 is a difficult year to stand out, especially for a non-franchise film, as one after another, big budget blockbusters are being rolled out to much fanfare. So in this cinematic chaos, which we do love I must admit, the upcoming Bridge of Spies was a bit forgotten. After all Spielberg or Hanks aren’t the kind of movie makers who go on all sorts of social media forums to keep talking about their next project; they are the old-school veterans we love so much, who talk less and deliver more.

Things should change now, after the first trailer of Bridge of Spies has been released. No unnecessary teasers; this one is a full-fledged, gripping and intense 2:40 minutes trailer, that seems to be worthy of going in the already awesome Hanks – Spielberg collection.

Bridge of Spies_Trailer

Bridge of Spies is based on the true story of attorney James Donovan who was thrust into the center of the Cold War to negotiate the release of a downed American spy plane pilot. As the trailer reveals, Donovan had to work on the trade of a Russian spy caught by the American authorities in the process, which made him look like the enemy on his own soil. Patriotic feelings were fervently high in those times, and people would have been screaming for heads to roll irrespective of constitutional rights. In such frenzy, Donovan manages to remind others that “The Constitution is what makes us Americans”. It is a simple thing, forgotten so easily, in moments of chaos and fear, which has made nations walk a bloody path under the guise of patriotism. While Bridge of Spies has a premise that sounds like a thriller, the trailer showcases that a much more refined product is under works, and that the movie may deliver something more than chase sequences and loud firearms.

Bridge of Spies_Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg

Tom Hanks is coming on the back of two biopics – Captain Phillips and Saving Mr. Banks – both released in 2013. While he played the part of Walt Disney with ease and perfection in Saving Mr. Banks, it was in Captain Philips where we saw Tom Hanks again at his very best. In this edge-of-the-seat riveting movie by Paul Greengrass, Tom Hanks played the role of the captain of a ship which is highjacked by Somali pirates. His incredible display of the whole array of emotions, ranging from bravado to abject fear, was the mark of a craftsman who can get into the skin of his character with such single-mindedness that others can only dream of. I see that Tom Hanks being on the playing field once more in Bridge of Spies. There is of course Steven Spielberg calling the shots, who would ask nothing less from Hanks than his very best. And Hanks’ ‘very best’ is out of this world! Spielberg too returns after a gap of three years, his last movie being another biopic Lincoln. That makes the arrival of Bridge of Spies all the more mouth-watering!

Bridge of Spies has quality written all over it. The story for the movie comes from no one else, but the Coen brothers. It has a very strong supporting cast which includes the likes of Alan Alda and Amy Ryan. I cannot see a reason why I shouldn’t walk into the theatres expecting to be dazzled by one of the best movies of the year. And knowing the past works of Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks, Bridge of Spies might even exceed expectations! Enjoy the first trailer below.

Bridge of Spies is scheduled to release in the USA on October 16, 2015.


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2 thoughts on “Hanks – Spielberg’s ‘Bridge of Spies’ awesome trailer

  1. Even as things ‘unfold’ —SPIELBERG is ‘stepping on’
    the awesomely relevant 65th Anniversary of the
    ————————KOREAN WAR————————-
    to bring us WHO needs it?
    ——————-decades OFF point drivel?
    —————————————————like this?

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