Gina Carano joins Deadpool

The next movie from the X-Men universe is picking up pace. And it better do so if it wants to meet its release date, which is now less than a year away. We are talking of the Ryan Reynolds starrer Deadpool which is slated for a release in February 2016, a few months before the Bryan Singer movie X-Men: Apocalypse is out. Recently we were shown this from the Deadpool universe – a glimpse of the mutant’s mask.

Deadpool_Mask Prototype

And now we have some more exciting news related to the movie. Hollywood Reporter reveals that Gina Carano, the former MMA (mixed martial arts) star, has come onboard. Woohooo!

Deadpool_Gina Carano in Fast & Furious 6

Throwing punches and kicks at a fellow in a ring is not the same as acting in front of cameras, but Gina Carano has embraced her new work profile with relative ease. It does help that she is being asked to throw punches and kicks even now, and that too fake ones, but I give her credit with the way she has been expanding her foothold in Hollywood. Reminds me of a certain Dwayne Johnson. You would have seen a lot of Gina Carano in case you happened to watch the 2011 action thriller Haywire directed by Steven Soderbergh; Carano was the central character in that film, the one who single-handedly gave a clobbering to Channing Tatum, Michael Fassbender and Ewan McGregor.


If the above does not ring a bell then you surely must have watched 2013’s Fast & Furious 6. That movie had a huge cast but Gina Carano could not have been unrecognizable as she partnered Dwayne Johnson in their pursuit of Owen Shaw played by Luke Evans. Carano had a blitzkrieg of a fight with Michelle Rodriguez in that movie, a memorable catfight indeed.

Last year, Gina Carano was the face of another action movie In the Blood, though only few would have heard of it. But you are going to see a lot more of her from now on. She is already filming two upcoming movies, the heist film Bus 657 and the reboot of Kickboxer. Expect a lot more of slamming and bone-crunching moves.

In Deadpool, Gina Carano is set to play a mutant known as Angel Dust; in the comics, Angel Dust is a member of an underground mutant team and her power involved the ability to elevate her adrenaline levels to give her super strength. Eh, super strength and Gina Carano, they sort of go hand in hand! It’s a pretty cool casting, and one can expect a lot of action in this flick, which though was sort of guaranteed since it is Deadpool we are talking of. The blabbering mutant we last saw in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.


Deadpool has also added T.J. Miller to its list of actors, though his role has not been disclosed yet. Then there is Ed Skrein as well, the new Frank Martin of the upcoming Transporter reboot. The studio is in the hunt for a female lead now, and we could be hearing a final name quite soon. The mutant Colossus has also been revealed to be a part of the movie. If you have forgotten him, then look below, he’s Colossus, the one who can turn into metal. Whether Daniel Cudmore will reprise the part he played in three of the X-Men movies is not known, though considered quite likely.

Deadpool_Colossus of X-Men series

Debutant director Tim Miller has the job of serving us an enthralling and adrenaline-pumping Deadpool, for anything short of that will not be accepted after the brilliance of X-Men: Days of Future Past that we were shown last year. Deadpool has been a project long in the making, assumed dead by many, even Ryan Reynolds at one point of time, but it has got a new lease of life now. Hopefully it will be a long one.


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