‘Ghostbusters’ trailer looks hilarious and fun

Ever since 1984, there has been only one answer to the question – “Whom you gonna call?” And if it seemed that a new generation was likely to forget the answer to this, then have no fear, the Ghostbusters are here! Paul Feig, in his earnest wisdom, has rebooted the franchise with an all-female cast which is going to release in the summer of 2016. With the first trailer unveiled, I cannot be more eager for the movie’s release. Before you accuse me of being overtly optimistic, have a look at the trailer for yourself.

Nostalgia hit you square on the face, right? The trailer starts with a throwback to the events of 1984 and that unforgettable team of Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis. Then we set our eyes on the new team, an all-female team, that is looking ready to gobble up a few ghosts though they have some sorting out to do before they can get started. The tune to the famous theme song of the original movie plays in the background now and then to get you nostalgic once more, as creepy shining ghosts with the aid of improved CGI float around with menace. The new team is looking as rusty as the original one in the beginning, but they are bound to get better with experience, for wasn’t that the way the original team went too?

Director Paul Feig comes with a great reputation as far as comedies go. Apart from his work on television shows (Arrested Development and The Office), he shone on the big screen as well, first with Bridesmaids that brought Melissa McCarthy in the limelight. He followed that up with a Melissa McCarthy – Sandra Bullock partnership for The Heat. In 2015, McCarthy was the foundation of the success of the Feig-directed movie Spy. Now Feig has brought Melissa McCarthy into the Ghostbusters team along side Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones. These comedians are going to get your rib-cage tickling, but I also expect to see more action and spookiness in comparison to the original movie. 

The movie’s cast also includes Chris Hemsworth who is going to play the secretary for the team, a nice role reversal from the original movie. Little is shown of Hemsworth in the first trailer, and maybe more will be revealed in the upcoming trailers. Nonetheless, the casting for the movie is amazing! It looks like Paul Feig and his team are going to leave a big mark on this franchise, and it will be lively and bright and worthy of being in the Ghostbusters gang. Even if it does turn out to be a bit spookier than you would have liked, then… whom you gonna call?

Ghostbusters is scheduled to release in the USA on July 15, 2016.



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