Furious 7 just round the corner…

This one has been long long awaited. Probably as soon as the post credits scene of the sixth instalment was over. Originally planned for a release in 2014, Furious 7 had to be pushed back to 2015. But now it does not look that far away, does it? We are at the doorstep of the release of Furious 7, all ready to kick in and be part of an amazing adrenaline-pumping ride. I can hardly think of any franchise in which the seventh movie would have been so eagerly awaited by the audience! But such has been the extraordinary manner in which this franchise has bloomed, rising from the ashes where it seemed to be heading after #3, and making some of our actors household names again. The graph on the global box-office collections of the movies of this franchise below highlights the point I just made.

Furious 7_Franchise box-office collections

The Fast and The Furious released in 2001, and here we are, fourteen years later, ready for the seventh movie. We expect to see more of the incredible stunts that have been the cornerstone of the franchise, further camaraderie between the awesome cast members, and more of the fast racing with heavy music playing in the background. If you need more than that to catch Furious 7 in the theatres, then watch it for…

Paul Walker_The Fast & The Furious

Watch it for Paul Walker… Paul Walker’s demise in late 2013 was a tragedy which is still so difficult to fathom. In his long movie career, his most distinguished role, was that of Brian O’Conner, the undercover cop who loved his cars, in The Fast and The Furious. He returned in the sequel when Vin Diesel did not, opted out of the third movie, but has been a central figure ever since in the franchise. Brian O’Conner has had the most interesting journey amongst all the characters; from an undercover cop to a felon, from a lover to a father, from a friend turned enemy to a brother. Fast & Furious franchise is not complete without him, and so his final act, his final car ride, his final goodbye, will certainly be a bit overwhelming. Brian O’Conner will shift gears for one last time, how can you miss it?

Furious 7_Jason Statham

Watch it for Jason Statham… There could not have been louder whistles and claps thunder in a cinema hall when Jason Statham made his cameo at the very end of Fast & Furious 6. The ‘big bad’ brother is a terrific casting choice in a movie of such high intensity and action. Statham is of course all too familiar with cars and speed having chauffeured three movies of the Transporter series with some style, and driven a Mini Cooper before in The Italian Job (he was called Handsome Bob in that movie; I can never forget that!), and managed to drive round in circles in Death Race. Jason Statham gives a strong physical presence and a forceful personality to match the likes of Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson, making him one of the most exciting villains to look forward to of recent times.

Furious 7_James Wan

Watch it for James Wan… After four movies in charge and a successful revival of the franchise, director Justin Lin was not agreeable to the tight timelines that had been planned by the studio for the next instalment. So in stepped a new director, James Wan. Now Wan has been on a roll in the past few years, delivering a row of successes which include Insidious, The Conjuring and Insidious: Chapter 2. Even though these were horror flicks, James Wan comes into the Fast & Furious franchise with a reputation of piecing together quality films that appeal to his target audience. I trust this fellow!

Furious 7_Cast

Watch it for the gang… The big big group of actors that have been around for much of the series, is one of the strongest points of the franchise. The camaraderie with each other has only grown stronger as the series has flourished, making it one of the best groups put together in recent times. Something like the Ocean’s Eleven. We never know if an eighth movie would be under development soon or not, or whether it may come after a bit of a break, so we need to grab onto what we have right now. And that is Furious 7.

There will be fast cars, flying cars, dashing cars, car chases, etc etc as we have come to expect from a Fast & Furious movie. But there will be so much more to it as well. So fasten your seat-belts my friends, for this will be one heck of a ride!


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