From the archives: How it began!

The greatest of accomplishments have the humblest of beginnings. A statement that holds true most of the times, even in the film fraternity. And when we come across such tales, it inspires us, gives us hope, and pushes us to try that little bit harder to seek our goals. So we look back at our archives here, at a time gone by… maybe not that long ago after all… and bring you some of the bizarre, yet lovable, initial appearances of our beloved actors. We bet this will bring a smile on your face, no matter how your day went by!

Here’s the first one. In his first paid role for a television commercial for Pizza Hut, he did not even have a speaking line! We are talking of the actor on the extreme right in the bunch of youngsters standing in a row, right at the beginning of he video. Recognize him? Not many would have even given him a second glance, as the scene then cuts to the “star” of the ad, a dancing Elvis Presley. Who would want to miss that, right?

Yep, that’s James Franco. Long before he won a Golden Globe, was nominated for an Academy Award, even hosted the Academy Awards, and took centre-stage in movies such as 127 Hours and Oz the Great and Powerful.

She first appeared in Bruce Springsteen’s 1984 music video for the song Dancing in the Dark. In the video, she was pulled onstage, shook a leg with The Boss and smiled with a charm that we so easily associate with her now. You cannot fail to recognize her in this video, which now reminds us of a time long gone by (her dance moves are towards the end of the video).

Yep, that’s Courtney Cox. A very young Courtney Cox, who would later become the memorable Monica Gellar in the TV sitcom Friends and feature in numerous films, including the Scream series.

This intense actor, who now has two Oscar nominations behind his name, had his first acting role in the movie National Lampoon’s Senior Trip! While  that movie was panned, he next guest-starred in two television shows, Deadly Games and Strange Luck. Guess what, both shows got cancelled after the first season. The actor we talking of, had very minor roles to play, and here is a clip from Deadly Games showcasing him with a terrible hairdo. And yes, the white suited guy in the car is Christopher Lloyd (the famous Doc from the Back to the Future trilogy)!

May be hard to believe, but that, infact, is Jeremy Renner. Yes, Renner who eventually went on to star in movies like Hurt Locker, The Town, The Avengers and Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, did go through a bizarre time indeed.

Some started young, like this popular actor of our time who began his acting career at the age of twelve, in Disney Channel’s Mickey Mouse Club. Never a great student, diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder as well, he eventually dropped out of high school when he was seventeen to focus on acting. While he had his highs and lows in the ride to the stardom he has attained now, looking back at this clip which is about twenty years old, one cannot help but notice some of the charm that to date stays intact with him.

Wouldn’t have taken much time to figure out the young blonde guy. Yep, Ryan Gosling. And guess who is the bigger kid beside him. Well, that’s Justin Timberlake! Would be interesting to see them on screen again together.

So these are just a few of the most interesting beginnings that we felt needed to be shared. For sometimes stepping back into the past of someone else is what is required… to realise that the strangest of openings can still be followed by the grandest of stories.


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