‘Free State of Jones’ inspiring trailer with Matthew McConaughey

The American Civil War has formed the backdrop of numerous Hollywood movies, be it around the presidency of Abraham Lincoln or individual stories of glory and valor that are worthy of being immortalized. One such story features Newton Knight of Jones County, Mississippi, whose bravery and fortitude make him a Robin Hood like figure of  the war, albeit the legend has not been heard far and wide. Well, that is about to change. With the movie Free State of Jones, the name of Newton Knight will not spread across the USA but overseas too.

Free State of Jones_Trailer

What’s the plot: Free State of Jones is based on the true events during the Civil War when a Confederate Newton Knight deserts the army after he realises the futility of the war. He trains other farmers of the Jones County to defy the Confederate and together they declare Jones County as an independent state.

Who’s starring in it: The biggest charm of watching this movie is going to be Matthew McConaughey. He was almost absent from 2015, with his only movie The Sea of Trees getting panned badly at the Cannes Film Festival and not getting a theatrical release in America. So it would have been as long as one and a half years since we last saw McConaughey in Interstellar. He’s looking fantastic in the trailer, and this looks to be another intense must-watch performance. Joining him is Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Keri Russell.

Who’s directing the movie: Gary Ross is deeply involved in this project, not only directing it, but also playing the parts of the writer and producer. Free State of Jones comes after a long break for Ross since his last film The Hunger Games back in 2012. Having handled such a big project from a commercial point of view, Gary Ross will certainly bring those elements in his latest movie too so as to appeal to a wider audience. From the trailer itself, we can see how action-heavy the movie will be, with a strong inspirational theme running underneath.

Where to watch the trailer: Right here! It’s a darn good trailer – edgy, thrilling, inspiring, and not over-dripping in melodrama. And yeah, McConaughey is back!


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