Foxcatcher gets a teaser

The biopic Foxcatcher had been first slated for a December 2013 release and was being touted as a possible Oscar contender. The release date then got pushed to November 2014, which is still an Oscar-friendly date. So there has been much anticipation building around this movie, and its first teaser trailer does hint that a gripping drama is about to be unleashed.


If that itself isn’t good enough to add this movie to your watch-list, then maybe some of the following pointers would do the trick.

1. Foxcatcher is a biopic drama film based on the true story of Olympic Wrestling Champion Mark Schultz who decides to get justice after schizophrenic John duPont killed his brother, Olympic Champion Dave Schultz.

2. The movie has Steve Carell in a never-before-seen role, all serious and all creepy as John duPont.

3. Apart from Carell, the movie boasts of quite a star cast with Channing Tatum (in what is looking to be probably one of his finest roles till date), Mark Ruffalo and Sienna Miller.

4. The movie has been directed by Bennett Miller, the one who knows a thing or two about shooting biopics, having already provided two incredible films, viz. Capote and Moneyball.

5. Foxcatcher has already opened in the Cannes Film Festival this month and has received rave reviews so far.

Foxcatcher releases on November 14, 2014 in the USA. Now watch the teaser trailer here!


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