First teaser trailer for Mr. Holmes

It’s a year when some of the great characters from the world of literature and cinema will revisit us. The Avengers will reassemble, Luke Skywalker will be seen after more than three decades, Viktor Frankenstein will walk amongst us again, the old fairy tale of Cinderella will be relived, the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park will roar once more, Peter Pan will fly, James Bond will be back, and so much more is going to happen in 2015. Add to that one more character, the famous detective from 221 Baker Street, Mr. Sherlock Holmes. In the upcoming Mr. Holmes, we will see an older version of the otherwise youthful and vibrant character, a strange but interesting twist.

Mr Holmes_Trailer

Who’s going to play Sherlock Holmes: The not-so-young but not-so-old Sir Ian McKellan will play the titular character. Sherlock Holmes is said to be 93 years old in the movie, which means McKellan is playing someone 18 years his senior!

Who’s directing the movie: Bill Condon will helm the latest episode in Holmes’ life. Bill Condon has a long track record in Hollywood, but he seems to be a mixed bag, having directed acclaimed movies like Gods and Monsters and Dreamgirls, then moving to something completely different as the last two Twilight series movies, and then goofing up things with 2013’s The Fifth Estate. If he wants to bounce back, nothing better than to give us a Sherlock Holmes we haven’t seen before.

What’s the plot about: The movie has been adapted from the Mitch Cullin novel, A Slight Trick of the Mind. It is based in 1947, when a long-retired Sherlock Holmes lives in a Sussex village with his housekeeper and her young son. But he finds himself haunted by an unsolved 50-year old case, and has to rely upon the young boy as he grapples with the diminishing powers of his mind.

Where to watch the trailer: Right here! Ian McKellen is looking fantastic in the new Sherlock Holmes avatar. But this is a teaser trailer, which ends a bit too soon, though it would leave you wanting for more.


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