‘Finding Dory’ trailer brings back good memories

The first trailer for Pixar’s 2016 release, Finding Dory, debuted on the web a couple of days back to much love and appreciation. It’s a short trailer, less than 2 minutes, with only hints of what to expect in the movie. But to hear the voice of Ellen DeGeneres as the forgetful fish Dory after more than a decade since Finding Nemo brings back wonderful memories. Enjoy the trailer below!

Finding Dory will take place six months after the events of Finding Nemo. As the trailer suggests, Dory is about to remember her family (yes, she will!) which will begin a new adventure for the fishes to go in search for them.

Finding Dory is being directed by Andrew Stanton, the Pixar genius who had created Finding Nemo back in 2003. Finding Nemo turned into a tremendous success, earning an unprecedented $936 million at the box-office, the highest tally seen for a Pixar film till then. Stanton once again delivered a great Pixar movie with 2007’s Wall-E, but then his debut with a live-action movie bombed in the form of 2012’s John Carter. He has returned back in the Pixar fold now which is pretty exciting news.

Beyond Ellen DeGeneres returning as Dory, we will hear Albert Brooks as Nemo’s father Marlin again. There will be newer characters too, with voices of Diane Keaton, Eugene Levy, Ty Burrell and Idris Elba giving them their vivid personalities. We should be seeing more of these new marine creatures in the subsequent trailers that Pixar launches.

Finding Dory_Trailer

Unlike earlier years, Pixar has now become more comfortable with exploring sequels, shaping future stories of its hit movies. Finding Dory is just the beginning of things to come, as Cars 3, Toy Story 4 and The Incredibles 2 await in line. Though don’t be worried, Pixar originals will continue to be present, and we already know the quality that they bring to their movies as Inside Out showed us earlier this year. A Good Dinosaur is only a few weeks away from release, and the timing of the trailer for Finding Dory would have to do with creating a buzz about Pixar at the right moment. It’s always exciting to look forward to a Pixar movie, and hopefully the studio’s incredible levels of dedication and quality of work will continue for years to come.

Finding Dory is scheduled to be released in the USA on June 17, 2016.

PS: Ever wondered on which fish Dory had been modeled? Read it up on BBC.


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