Fascinating teaser trailer of Tomorrowland

The year 2015 is a much awaited year for all Hollywood geeks because it is bringing in the clash of mega franchises in such a fashion as never seen before. But amidst all the franchise talks, there are still more than just a few original movies waiting to impress and shine. Tomorrowland may very well be one of those!

Tomorrowland_Teaser Trailer

Much of the story of Tomorrowland has been kept under wraps which adds to all the mystery and intrigue around the film. But there are still enough reasons to be eager for the release of this 2015 summer flick.

1. It is being termed as a “science fiction mystery adventure film” which tells you that there are a lot of elements in play here to be thrilled about. The story’s initial premise states that it is about two characters who “travel to place somewhere in time and space only known as Tomorrowland, where their actions directly affect the world and themselves”. Time and space, both… oh my!

2. This one is likely to be a high budget film, and given the premise mentioned above, it has a lot of scope for some visually enthralling CGI. It is also a Disney film releasing in the prime time of May 2015, so I bet the production budget for this one is going to be in the $150 – $200 million slot. We hope the money is well spent to give the film a grandiose look!

3. George Clooney stars in the movie, which is usually a good enough reason to walk into the theatres. Joining him is the young Britt Robertson, who will be playing the other lead role. The teaser trailer in fact showcases her the most.

4. This is Brad Bird’s movie — the man who made The Incredibles and Ratatouille with Pixar and later made his debut in live action films with Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. Brad Bird does know how to make big blockbusters which are highly entertaining!

5. Damon Lindelof has worked on the screenplay for Tomorrowland which gives me some reassurance on the quality of the sci-fi narrative that the film is going to contain. He worked with Orci and Kurtzman on Star Trek Into Darkness, and has been involved in the writing work for Prometheus and World War Z too. All commerical sci-fi hits! (I am skipping out on Cowboys & Aliens on purpose, though that one had an interesting story too)

6. Disney has launched the first teaser trailer, and even though it gives away little as to the adventures the movie would hold, it does do enough to make it feel worth the wait. This one has the makings of a winner!

Tomorrowland is scheduled to release on May 22, 2015 in the USA.


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